Loving Lately

Just thought I’d share a few things that we’ve been loving lately – they’re all random, but we love ’em anyway.

I just got this Thug Kitchen cookbook from my sweet friend all the way in Arizona! It was such a great birthday surprise to come home to after our trip to Dallas. I’ve already read the whole thing cover-to-cover (because I’m crazy like that), and I’ve got a ton of recipes I’m pumped to try. The authors are vegan, so there’s no meat or dairy in any of the recipes.

I’m planning on tweaking their recipes to match our lifestyle because I’m pretty sure if I tried to make Jon Boy eat vegan, he’d move us to a cattle ranch just to prove that he loves meat that much.

thug kitchen cookbook

I loved this quote from Julia Child – a great reminder that cooking is all about learning and living and loving!

thug kitchen cookbook

Major FYI – there’s a TON of cussing (if you couldn’t tell from the cover), but the authors do give great tips for cooking basics and nutritional info. It’s a great book for beginning cooks and seasoned pros alike.

thug kitchen cookbook

So, I decided to finally be a big girl and get some lipstick-type-ish stuff. Normally, I’m just rockin’ the Burts Bees all day long (sometimes tinted) because of my years of fever blisters. I basically don’t have a lip line because the blisters seem to change the shape of my lips every time they come and go. To say the least, I’ve got sensitive lips, so finding good lip color that’s still good for my puckers has been tough.

I saw this on the Nord.com and had to order it. I LOVE what it does to my lips – they haven’t been peeling and flaking like normal PLUS the color stays on for a while and still looks natural. LOVE this stuff! I ordered these two colors, but I def will be ordering more soon.

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 Sugar Nude


Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 Nude Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 Bloom


Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 Bloom

I got this super sweet pineapple card from a sweet friend. I’m not big on birthday cards, but this little bit of joy brightened my day! If you don’t know my obsession with pineapples, click here to read more.

pineapple birthday card

We stopped at Woody’s Smokehouse on the way back from Dallas and oohh myyy gerrrddd. We love this place! We always stock up on the pickled asparagus, green beans, and okra + the candied jalapeƱos. BUT I’m pretty sure we’re bringing a cooler next time so we can get some of the yummy smoked meat!

woody's smokehouse

If you’re on 45 a lot between Dallas and Houston, definitely stop in Centerville to check out Woody’s. There’s one on both sides of the highway, so you can’t go wrong! Their sandwiches are so yummy and fresh, too!

woody's smokehouse

We’re kind of in love with this White Truffle Olive Oil from Olive & Vine (in City Centre if you live in the Houston area). It takes roasted potatoes to a whole ‘notha level. Trust me.

Olive & Vine White Truffle Oil

Now that it’s officially fall, we got our pumpkins for the front porch! I can’t tell you how obsessed with this time of year that I am. I don’t know what it is about this season of pumpkins, leaves, football, and sweaters (or just longer sleeves if you’re in Houston). I’m definitely pumped for all the fall food though. #GimmeDatChili

fall decor front porch

Speaking of fall, if you’re into essential oils, try blending equal parts of:

Cinnamon Bark + Clove + On Guard + Wild Orange

Smells like fall, y’all.

essential oil blend for fall

When the weather is cool-ish (like less than 85), Corey and I have been hanging on the porch. Corey loves to dig for dinosaurs in our little sensory play bucket (all this stuff was from Dollar Tree).

sensory play for toddler

Notice how messy all that “grass” and “dirt” are? Yeah, that’s why it’s outside, y’all. It gives us tons of entertainment though and everything in the bucket is $1, so mama don’t care.

sensory play for toddler

Annnnd Happy Wednesday!

is it fall yet

But really… it’s the worst.

autumn dog poop

3 thoughts on “Loving Lately”

  1. So many things I love about things you are loving! Remember when I ducked into the Fresh store in Dallas? Had to get me more of their sugar lips. It is a must have for our poor high and dry climate.

    • I KNEW I had heard about it before! Yes I do remember! It is so wonderful. I should’ve listened to you back then and saved my lips years of abuse.

  2. Omg it’s all vegan? My bad- I thought it was just veggie centered, which now that I type that sounds and is vegan. Well, I’m eager to hear how some of the recipes turn out, hope that the recipes give you a great base to start. You are so good in the kitchen I know you’ll make some yummy great dishes! I love you! So so glad you had a great birthday best!


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