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Rule #243: A good book and a good glass of wine can set the world right again.

With things being as crazy as they are, it’s nice to find the little wins in life these days. This round up of Loving Lately are a few of those minor wins I’m giving myself to help cope with the insanity. There’s everything from housewares to kids’ goods to great books to skincare. Cheers, y’all!

Elixer Premium Crystal Wine Glasses (Set of 4) | $48

These are far and above my favorite every day wine glasses! They’re such a gorgeous design (thank you to my friend Charlotte at Fireflies & Honeysuckle for the rec), and they’re also great quality! Very durable and gorgeous to boot!


Outdoor Black Lanterns | Outdoor Pillar Candles

I’ve been searching for outdoor lanterns to go on our fireplace for a few months now. I randomly found these gems at Target, and I’m in love! I found the outdoor pillar candles that operate on a timer (wahoo!) at West Elm.


I bought the 4.5″x9″ candle for the small (16″x7″) lantern and the 6″x12″ candle for the larger (24″x8″) one. I love the little pop of warmth these add in the evenings.


Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner | $70

This was a surprise Christmas gift from my mom this year, and I have to say, I’m SO happy about it! It’s amazing! Just put your jewelry inside with some water (yes, even tap water), turn it on, and your jewelry is like new in SECONDS! It’s addicting. I’ve had two necklaces I needed to deeply polish for months now. I put both in (two cycles each), and they’re perfectly shimmering and gorgeous. No elbow grease needed. There are some cautions in regards to certain gems (pearls and emeralds to name a couple). Otherwise, this is truly the gift that keeps on giving!


Tea Bag Storage | $17

I was getting SO tired of having to search our basket of tea boxes to find the one I wanted. This friggin’ adorable and affordable tea bag storage bin is a game changer! I drink about 3 cups of tea a day, so this little gem is getting some very good use.


Air Fryer

We’ve been Air Fryer Bacon obsessed lately. 10 minutes at 400 and you’ve got perfect little bacon bits! We also bake potatoes in ours and roast veggies.


Sweaty Betty Pacesetter Tank | $58

I am in loooooove with this workout tank! I wear it for my Peloton rides and also for my outdoor runs. It’s a great length, isn’t too gapey (is that a word?) under the arms, and I love that it comes up to my collar bone so the girls don’t peek out while I’m stretching. I’m anxiously awaiting the black color to become available on Amazon. I ordered a medium.


Where the Crawdads Sing | $11

I’m about 3 years late on this bandwagon, but this book is absolutely phenomenal. It’s gutwrenchingly gorgeous. I would recommend it to anyone with a soul! I read it in 4 after-kids-bedtimes evenings. It’s a major page turner!


Be Fearless | $25

This book has been my carline reader lately (or when I randomly get stuck with that awkward bit of time where you can’t really run errands or run home before pickup starts… please tell me you know what I mean). It’s a beautiful, encouraging book for folks who are ready to take that next step with a Big Idea or even a next step in their career. It’s filled with wonderful stories of triumph and failure that lead to living a fearless life.


Monopoly Jr. | $11

Best $11 Santa ever spent on us! This game is the much simpler, modified version of the traditional Monopoly game. It takes about 1/8 of the time to play, too! And for the record, I won the first round.


NERF Hovering Target | $25

Corey has been LOVING this NERF target! It was one of his Christmas gifts, and he’s been loving this little toy. The little white balls operate on a battery-operated system that blows air out of the orange pipes to make the balls float as targets. It’s so creative and engaging for kids!


NERF Motorized Blaster with 6-Dart Clip (comes with 12 darts total) | $25

Clearly homie loves this blaster. It’s a fun little activity that’s safe and easy. Plus, he can play with friends as he wants or by himself. He can load and shoot it all by himself, too! This is at the top of Corey’s Loving Lately list!


Kids’ 27oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle (12 styles)| $17

Corey loves this water bottle so much we got him a second one! It’s a great size for his age and is very durable!


Frozen 2 Water Bottle | $10

Brookie is loving this water bottle, too. The best part is that it doesn’t have straws she can chew on and ruin. If your kids are straw biters, you feel my pain.


Acrylic Drawer Organizers | $9 – $10

I couldn’t take the chaos of Brooke’s drawer in their bathroom anymore, so I broke down and bought these two acrylic organizers to help my sanity out. They’re perfect for her little barrettes and goodies to stay nice and organized. I wish I’d done this sooner!


Master Bathroom Closet Organization | This closet was a serious hot mess before I organized it this year (the before pic was embarrassing). Now it’s nice to be able to see and access things and not feel like they’re falling out on top of me. I’ve linked a few of the items I used below:

Acrylic Tray | Cabinet Shelf | Storage with Drawers (similar)


I had the very random idea to use push pins to hang my necklaces in this closet a while back. I’m so glad I did because now I can see these necklaces that I mostly use to layer. Before I’d have to hunt and search for them, making it difficult to envision how they’d look layered together.


Elta MD Physical Sunscreen | $33

This sunscreen is the best I’ve found BY FAR for outdoor activities. When I run, my sunscreen usually just sweats right off my face and becomes useless. This is the only one I’ve found (thanks to my amazing dermatologist) that stays on my face for the duration of my run. The bonus is that it’s lightly tinted!


Heliocare Supplement | $28

This was another recommendation by my dermatologist for good sun protection. I take one the mornings I know I’ll be outside for an extended period of time, and it helps to block the damage to my skin from the sun. I have pretty bad melasma (skin discoloration) and any little bit of sun makes my skin go nuts for weeks!


Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream | $100

WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. I know the price is insane, but this little tub is seriously pure magic! If you want to try it out, Nordstrom usually offers it as a free sample when you order beauty products from them. Try it! I can’t get any other night cream anymore. This stuff is worth it! It leaves your skin feeling so supple and soft.


TULA Detox in a Jar Face Mask | $48

This is hands down the best mask I’ve used in a long time! It only needs to stay on for 5 minutes and my skin felt oh-so-clean afterwards. This will definitely be in my skincare routine 3 times a week! This had to be on my Loving Lately list!


That’s all for now, y’all! Happy Hump Day!

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