Life Lately

Life Lately

Rule #401: Puppies and Prosecco make Back to School a little easier!

Our life lately has been a good one! Corey is off to kindergarten, so summer is officially over! Honestly, I’m not sad to see it go. Bring on the cooler weather, comfort food, and pumpkins galore!

I’ve been LIVING in these comfy pajamas. They were on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I stocked up! They come in both long and short versions. These wine glasses are still my all-time fave, too!

I got to sneak up to Dallas for a quick 24-hour trip to celebrate my sweet bestie! She just bought her first house, so we threw her a little housewarming party. I contributed nothing but booze, and the girls took care of the rest! I hope this sweet friend knows how much she is cherished and loved!

We also got to sneak up north to Lake Conroe to visit our old neighbors and dear friends! We had the most relaxing time. It was the perfect End of Summer hurrah!

We also played a game called The Water Bottle Game for a solid 3 hours (adults only, too!). It’s basically a form of Capture the Flag or football in the pool. What you do is remove the label from a plastic water bottle, fill the bottle up with water, then put the cap back on. We played boys v. girls (I refuse to admit who won). Teams start on opposite sides of the pool. Everyone faces the outside of the pool while splashing so you can’t hear where the bottle lands *plop*. Someone throws the water bottle up and behind to the middle of the pool. You let it sink, then you go for it! The goal is to sneak the bottle to the safe zone before you’re tackled. Oh my WORD! I can’t tell you how much crazy fun it is! I’ve got bruises and scratches still, but it was worth it!

I think it’s safe to say this little lady had a great time hanging with her buddies! She got to go on the tube (and a boat honestly) for the first time. I will admit she scared the Parenting Panties off of us though. While on the tube, she decided to try to be like the big kids and dangle her legs off the side. Problem is… she chose the front side to dangle off of and almost ended up going under the tube and drowning! She held on so we could get the boat stopped and pull her in, thank the Lord! I’ll have nightmares of that for years to come.

Callie Panchita Gorman is settling nicely into our little family. And don’t let Penny’s face fool you. She’s loving having a little sister to play with!

Just look at that smooshie, gorgeous face. I just love her little personality. I am a little concerned at her favorite napping spots (behind our toilet or on our scale), but we’ll give her a pass for now.

Little Corey isn’t so little anymore! Sweet man started kindergarten this week. Brooke had a serious meltdown when we went to Corey’s kinder assessment (do y’all’s schools do those?), so she was promptly taken home to take a nap. Corey got to have a little Mommy time and have his favorite, Captain Brad’s, for lunch. It ended with a ginormous sundae, so I think he was over the sister tantrum.

Corey was such a champ at Meet the Teacher. He’s definitely going to have an awesome year at Big Boy School! We’re so proud of who this little man is already.

No surprise there that sweet boy is all about baseball! I love this adorable sign from Etsy. I wet the chalk just a little bit before writing on the board to make it stand out a little more. Ignore that serial killer handwriting… it’s the message that counts, right?! Ha!

We had Texas Yard Greetings Cypress come out and spice up the yard for little man’s big first day! We couldn’t be happier with how well it turned out. He was very surprised and felt super special!

Then Brooke came in like a wrecking ball… #LifewithBrooke is my new fave hashtag.

This handsome kindergartener just walked right in and got to work! He’s loving school so much, and we’re so grateful for that! Nothing better than good teachers and staff!

Brookie and I spent that whole first day snuggling in bed waiting for Corey to be home. I think it’s safe to say she’s enjoying the one-on-one time a whole lot!

I can’t do any kind of a post without mentioning food. It would be a sin against the Blog Gods! Jon Boy is back on his Keto diet, and it’s going really well for him. He’s all about DA MEATS, so we’ve been frequenting our favorite Meat Market, Stone Cold Meats Cypress, lately. One of the best things we’ve had recently are these amazing Buffalo Wings. Jon Boy cooked them in our air fryer at a preheated 400 for 10 minutes. They came out absolutely perfectly!

This Cheesy Tuna Noodle Casserole is a new spin on the recipe that’s more kid friendly. We had this delicious dinner the night before kindergarten started, and it was a comforting classic that made the night a little easier! It’s very easy to whip together, and makes a ton! Leftovers? Yes, please.

Cheers to puppies and Prosecco! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Back to School Season!

I hope you’ve found something to love in this Life Lately post!

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