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Rule #152: My best purchase in 2020 was a portable urinal.

Our life lately looks a lot like Brooke in this little snapshot: a hot mess with a looooong to do list to sift through! Somehow our schedules went from “Hey, what should we do today?” to “WE HAVE EXACTLY 7 MINUTES TO EAT, POTTY, AND GET BACK OUT THE DOOR SO MOVE ITTTTTT!” I have no idea how we got so busy, but I’m strapping myself in for the roller coaster we’re on these days.


The kids have been LOVING their Play-Doh kits from Kids Kits of Cypress. They are a local pair of moms who make super creative kits for kiddos to enjoy – most are holiday themed, too! Corey is enjoying our most recent purchase: the Super Bowl Kit.


I love that it comes in a super organized case with different colors of Play-Doh (you can get an allergy friendly option FYI) plus tons of little doo-dads and knick-knacks and such! Keeps the kids busy and this Mama very, very happy!


I got to sneak out for a girls’ night with some of my faves a few weeks ago! We had the best time and laughed so much that I actually got a good ab workout. It was good for all our Mama souls.


We had the most delicious dinner, too. If you’re local and haven’t tried The Butler House yet, you’ve got to give it a try! It was phenomenal from cocktails to dinner to service! We will definitely be going back soon.


Jon Boy has recently started taking Corey fishing in the pond behind our house. It’s been so fun to see them scoot out there, hot dog pieces for bait, and just do their boy thing. As with most bonding moments, it’s not really about the fishing. Brooke will very much be joining them as soon as she’s not likely to jump into the lake to catch the fish.


I’ve been loving these products as a good nighttime regimen lately: PowerGlow Peels, Youth to the People Eye Cream, Colleen Rothschild Retinol Night Oil, and then Charlotte Tillbury’s Magic Cream. Makes my skin feel so firm and yet hydrated!


Jon Boy and I got to sneak out for a quick date night thanks to his sweet sister! We went to a new local favorite of ours: Top Sushi. It’s a fantastic place with the most amazing sushi and cocktails! It’s our go-to date night place. It doesn’t hurt that we found a coupon in the local paper for $10 off. Not sure if it’s super sexy to use a coupon at date night or so very mid-30’s of us.


Now that Corey is going to school all 5 days a week, I get 2 full days with my Big Bundle of Sweet & Sassy. They typically involve no pants, unicorn slippers, and whatever movie she wants to watch while locked into baby jail (high chair) so that I can take a quick shower in peace. It’s been so much fun to get some alone time to play with this very charismatic nugget. She’s cut her Zoo Animals Puzzle Time by half in just two weeks! I’d say she’s destined for competitions soon.


I got to hit up Hobby Lobby a while back SOLO babyyyyy!! It was so lovely for my sanity, and thankfully for our upstairs guest bathroom, too. We really needed a pop of color and life up there. I found these pieces at Hobby Lobby. The dried eucalyptus are from West Elm – the bundle was only $20 and came with a bunch of pieces!


I chose one of my favorite pics of Corey to add a little flair to the bathroom, too. I miss that sweet, chubby, rubberband-hands baby boy!


In the midst of the chaos of a fly-by-the-hour kind of day, I got to sneak off for a quick 30 minute run. I was on the way home from a doctor’s appointment and had legitimately 32 extra minutes before I had to head home. I popped onto the Peloton app and used one of their outdoor workouts. It was very challenging and so good for my soul to just run out alllllll of my feelings and stress in a new park!


I could have, however, done without my new workout partner. He was good for motivation, but possibly dangerous for my heart rate.


We got to go to our first restaurant with the kids since mid October this past weekend. It was as scary for us as Jon’s face says. Brookie is a bit of a terrorist in a restaurant, usually lasting about 10 minutes as long as chips are available.


The Dining Out Gods smiled upon us, and she was happy as long as she had lemonade and Frozen 2 stickers. I got a delicious dirty martooni and the best Crawfish Etoufee I’ve had in a while! We will definitely be going back to Captain Brad’s Coastal Kitchen soon (like this weekend, please, Jon Boy?!). Absolutely a delicious addition to our Life Lately!


Brooke even picked up the tab. Guess that lemonade left her feeling generous.


Corey and I got to go to the zoo with some of our sweet friends for a little Moms + Boys day out! Corey’s favorite animal was the “boy lion, mom… not the girls” and mine was anything except the cock roaches in the insect house. Seriously, some creatures don’t deserve a display.


Corey also broke in a very ingenious urinal purchase of mine (thank you, to all my peeps on Instagram for this idea). He had too much fruit punch at lunch and clearly could NOT wait. There wasn’t a drop of evidence left in my truck either. Winning at Life Lately!


And that’s all she wrote, y’all! Literally, that’s all I’m writing. I’ve got to save my energy to go check off more goodies on the ole to do list!

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