Life Lately

Life Lately

Rule #180: Easter miracles might be attributed to your Grandpa.

Whew! It’s been a while, y’all. I’d say that we’ve had a lot going on, but really, the baby has just taken over my body AND my mind. I am pooped… like close to feeling like I just had a newborn pooped. I’m hoping that whole “second trimester energy” thing kicks in really soon. I think it’s a solid combo of being pregnant for the second time PLUS having a banshee toddler running around.

My mom came in town for a quick visit, so of course we went to the park together and ate about a bajillion cookies she brought for us.

life lately

We also took a fun trip to The Arbor Gate in Tomball. It’s a really fun nursery to go walk around in. They’ve got a ton of animals (cats, ducks, chickens, etc.) running around. Corey loves hunting for all the animals, and occasionally notices that there are gorgeous plants everywhere. I just discovered they have a great gift shop, too! Now I know where I’m heading for some special birthday gifts soon.

life lately

We ate at a new fave place for dinner: Cisco’s Salsa Company. It’s divine! We sat outside because this weather has been Patio Dining Worthy lately.

cisco's salsa company tomball

This big guy would eat about 2 gallons of salsa and 10 pounds of chips if we let him.

cisco's salsa company tomball

We’ve been gearing up for Easter, too! This fella is starting to understand the idea of the Easter Bunny, egg hunts, and the fact that we keep talking about some Jesus dude on the cross. I never thought about explaining the crucifixion of Christ to my two-year-old. It’s a little scary to be honest. I heard a wonderful explanation at our church last weekend that I think suits his age (and my sensitive Mama heart): “Jesus went to the cross for us because he loves us that much.” That jives with me a whole lot more than going into the details about the ole Romans’ way of doing things back in the day.

life lately

Our church had a very sweet egg hunt for the kiddos last weekend. They also had bounce houses and a mini petting zoo! Talk about getting a kid pumped for a holiday. This guy was in heaven. He even pet that snake down there – Lord help me if he gets into that type of thing. This mama is not into bugs or creatures. At least creatures that aren’t drooly and furry (dogs and kids).

life lately

We experienced a true Easter Miracle, y’all.

All the eggs were gone by the time we finally went outside to hunt them. [Possibly because Corey had a meltdown when the big kids were allowed to go first… but I digress.] It was a tragedy!

But then, all of a sudden, these eggs started magically falling from the sky right around Corey’s vicinity! A true miracle I tell you! This miracle might possibly be attributed to Corey’s Grandpa finding a stash of eggs behind a rosemary bush, but I’m not one to spill the beans in the miracle department.

 life lately

I’m excited I had the energy to get a little dash of Easter sprinkled throughout the house! Now hopefully it won’t take me two months to take it all down after this weekend. No promises!

easter decor

This baby bump is growing insanely faster than Corey did. I’m only 15 weeks here, but I swear I looked like this at probably 20 weeks with the big guy. All my friends + family have said that the second time around, your body just kind of remembers, “Ohhhh yeah! That’s what we do now. We stretch out [a lot]!” Even the round ligament pain has been different. With the first pregnancy, the pain came in sharp, fast spurts and with this go-around, it’s more of a super dull ache. The pain has been making me nauseated unfortunately, so I’m hoping that passes soon! This baby makin’ business is tricky.

On another note: if you ever are looking for great maternity jeans, LOFT is always the way to go. They’re the only pair I have that never fall down and leave me looking like a thug. They’re extremely comfortable, too!

  15 weeks pregnant

If I ever muster up the energy, I’m hoping to make these yummy breakfast bites. I normally am not a huge baked goods fan in the morning, but these look packed with good stuff and yummy, too!

The Chew‘s Baked Banana Oat Cups

baked banana oat cups

(Photo courtesy of The Chew)

toddler artwork

I posted a question on my InstaStories a while ago about how to store Corey’s adorable artwork from school. I had a TON of great ideas! I promised I’d share a few, so here we go:

Option 1: An accordion filing folder to organize by year (just keep a few special pieces). This was the easiest way to keep it all together!

Option 2: Take photos of all the special artwork and create a ChatBooks out of them. Keep a few actual pieces in an accordion folder, too.

Option 3: Just keep the photos stored in the Cloud or on Google Photos in digital albums.

I loved all of the ideas, and I’m super sad I didn’t ask sooner. I should have been keeping track of all the art goodies a long time ago, but hey, better late than never, right?

This furry blonde head is our baby sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time! Ohhhh what a day. I was so proud of him for falling asleep quickly and staying asleep for his whole nap time. He even called my name when he was awake instead of crawling out and roaming free. I can’t believe he’s already big enough for this, but with Baby G #2 on the way, we’ve got to get him ready.

life lately

Those epic dinosaur sheets are circa 1989, give or take a couple of years. They were my absolute favorite sheets (second being my Little Mermaid sheets of course). They’re too small for the mattress, but I don’t care. They’re well worn, soft, and they make my heart go pitter-patter. He’s sleeping in the bunk beds we had refinished a while back. They are the same beds (not mattresses though) that Jon Boy and his brothers slept in growing up. I love keepin’ it in the family! Hopefully the big guy doesn’t topple out. He honestly hasn’t moved an inch any of the times he’s slept in the big boy bed, so hopefully that trend keeps up.

life lately

Have ya’ll heard of the Solly Baby wrap? A friend of mine posted about them on Facebook, and apparently they’re kind of a big deal. Have any of y’all had luck with them? We have a wrap from when Corey was a baby, but that fella did NOT like being snuggled tight like that. (Between you and me… I think it was because his many, many rolls got a big squished and pinched in the process of getting into the wrap.)

solly baby wrap

Happy Easter, y’all!

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