Good Feels for Saturday

Good Feels for Saturday

With all the malarkey swirling around the Internet + TV these days, I thought it would be nice if we could share some of the non-malarkey-type things that go on – AKA spread the good, not the bad.

Here are a few things I’ve seen that have warmed the corners of my little heart lately. I hope they bring you a little whiff of cinnamon + pumpkins + the warm and fuzzies.

This Guy Right Here. Get Him a Badge and Send Him to the White House.

He’s got a book too, and I’m pretty sure I’m adding it to my YOU BETTA READ THIS list. {Click Here for Book}

This Little Girl’s Reaction to Learning She’s Been Adopted Is Everything.¬†(Click the Link to see the Video)

11 year old's reaction to hearing she's getting adopted

This Barber Cutting a Little Boy’s Hair on the Floor

barber gives haircut boy autism

Image Cred: Fauve Lafreniere

This Chef Makes 45,000 Meals for Victims of Maria in Puerto Rico – and He’s Not Done Yet.


These Seniors Defying the Senior Stereotypes

Vladimir Yakovlev John Lowe

Image Cred: Vladimir Yakovlev

A Texas Diner’s Tip That Sent His Waiter to Ireland

texas diner tips Irish waiter

What are some of the non-malarkey-type things you’ve read about or seen lately? Let’s spread the good, not the bad.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Good Feels for Saturday post. If you did, check out these other similar ones.


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