Golf Grass

Golf Grass

Rule #37: Some of the best memories we make are made up of little more than life’s everyday events. 

Do you have those memories from when you were a kid that stop you in your tracks as an adult? I have one of those memories every time I drive Corey to his preschool. We go by a karate studio that has a small pond with a fountain in it at the edge of the parking lot. Every time we drive by, we both check to see if the fountain is “awake” or “sleeping” (on/off). For some reason, the fountain seems to be off way more than it’s on, so it’s kind of a fun game for us.

golf grass

This little exchange reminds me of driving around with my dad when I was younger. He had a way of making the everyday things a little funnier. There was a house that we drove by almost every day coming home from the grocery store, heading to school, going to dance class, etc.


This house was ordinary in every way except one: they had golf grass. I don’t mean that they had a well-kept, well-manicured lawn. I mean that their grass was literally the same kind of grass you’d find playing 18 holes on the old course. Golf. Grass.

We’d drive by and check to see if there was anything out of place: a leaf, a piece of trash, a footprint. It became a really fun game with a lot of suspense (my childhood was very exciting, okay).

daddy lilly february 1995

We’d see the man who lived there out grooming his lawn like it were a prized puppy. We genuinely saw him use scissors once to keep the grass the same uniform height. I have no idea if he was a sane fella or somewhere in the kookoo bird zone, but he provided us with some good entertainment. My dad would even make up voices describing the grass and its keeper.

I love having those memories that seemed so small come roaring back at me now that I’m a parent. It’s those little things that can come back to you and bring back the good times in very simple, sweet ways. I hope Corey remembers the fountain game with a little bit of the same goofy-grinning nostalgia.

golf grass

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who take care of the ones around you! Being a Mama has many different forms, some joyful and some difficult. I hope today has been a day full of love, peace, and contentment!

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