UBiome: A Gut Study

UBiome: A Gut Study

There’s no other way to say it: I had my poop analyzed. Thaaaaaaat’s right. My poop. Or really, my gut. My GI-physician-of-a-Grandpa is smiling down at me right now.

You see, my family has a horrible history of colon cancer (both my dad + grandpa had it) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Both things relating to my gut. So, when I heard about this uBiome study on a Podcast one day, I knew I was their prime candidate to analyze.


I got my kit way back in May and sent my sample in right away. It’s all free to you, but you will have to have your insurance information available. You go to their website: uBiome Microbiome Testing and request your test. Enter your personal and family medical history, insurance info, and then they’ll see if you’re eligible. It does take a while (took me about 5 months) to get your results back, but they’re pretty fascinating so it’s worth the wait!

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The whole purpose of this poop study is to find the link between genetics, our gut, and health. They ask that you allow them to use your sample in their national study so they can continue to find the links between our health and our guts. An actual physician studies your sample, not some rando in a lab. They even tell you the doctor’s name and location so you can rest easy.

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Okay, so I know you’re thinking, “You sent your poop in?” or “You’re disgusting.” or “That poor mailman.” BUT – have no fear, my friend. The sample is taken from your toilet paper, not the actual dirty stuff. They have super easy instructions with very discreet packaging, so you’re in good hands when collecting your… sample.

Wanna know my results? Here we go:


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I was happy to see that, according to my gut, I’m an overall healthy person. I found out that I need to really be watching the kinds of foods (and I’m assuming drinks) I consume. I need to have a lot more dairy with the good probiotics in them (yogurt for example – not my fave, but I’ll figure it out). I also am not very diverse when it comes to my gut bacteria. Bummer. I always thought of myself as a petri-dish of diversity, but that’s another topic for another day…

They provide you a very detailed report + online portal for you to explore your results. My mom (a nurse) was verrrrry interested to go through every detail. Some of the stuff went over my non-medical head, but they do break it down for you very well. Basically, anything with a red triangle is a sign for something to look out for. They provide further details online for you to check out.

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Something I have to talk about since we’re talking about health is a good probiotic. I’ve always had tummy issues – thanks, genetics – so I’m pretty obsessed when it comes to what does and doesn’t work for me gut-wise. I’ve tried tons of things, but Plexus ProBio5 has so far been the only thing that’s helped. I’ve had such a happier tummy since taking them. If you’re on the lookout for something good, I’d recommend them!

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I know I mentioned I hate yogurt, and I do, but I have found something I like: Siggi’s Drinkable Yogurt. It’s 180 calories, easy to eat with a toddler hanging on your hip, and it’s pretty yummy, too. It’s got all the good stuff I’m apparently lacking, so that’s good.

uBiome testimonial obesity

I thought it was so interesting that they screened me for pathogens! Definitely not something I was expecting, but good to know. Mama don’t need no Salmonella today, thank ya!

uBiome testimonial pathogens

I’d encourage you to try this out for yourself! It was such an easy process, and I think the more information we have about our bodies, the better. Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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