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Rule #405: We outside!

Our recent stay at the Sandals Grenada resort in St. George was nothing short of perfect. We had an absolutely relaxing, fun, enjoyable, all the good things stay. We ate amazing food prepared and served by the kindest people with the most gorgeous views to boot! Sandals is all-inclusive, so we enjoyed not having to pick up a single tab and also being able to order whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

sandals grenada

My favorite restaurant at Sandals Grenada was Cucina Romana. Their Penne all’Arrabbiata was divine! We ate there twice because it was that good!

sandals grenada cucina romana

We can’t say enough positive things about the island and people of Grenada. Everyone was so, so welcoming and kind. They are all very humble yet proud of their beautiful home.

grenada airport

We splurged since it was our 10 year anniversary and flew first class on American. It was worth every blooming penny. This was lunch on the way there: vegetable risotto with spring salad, roll, and brownie. Of course the chardonnay snuck in there, too.

This little feller live on property at Sandals Grenada. He wasn’t at all bothered by our being there as you can see.

I wore this jumpsuit on the plane to Grenada. It was a long journey, but this little number kept me cute and comfy! I’m wearing a medium. I also wore these instead of a strapless bra almost every day. I did not miss that bra one little bit! Sunnies | Sandals

comfortable jumper womens

Mr. Jon Boy loved him some Rum Punch and Sushi! His favorite restaurant was Soy, which also happened to be where our favorite bartender worked, too! We visited her almost daily sometimes just to say hi.

The flowers and foliage of Grenada was simply gorgeous. Everything was flourishing and thriving all around you while you walked around. There were hardly any bugs at all, too! This swimmie and coverup were some favorites. This bag was an absolute essential, too. We used it all day, every day!

I can’t express how great this time together was for us. To be able to get away, kid free, for over a week was just priceless. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our parents for watching the kiddos!

Just look at those trees, plants, and bushes, oh my! Everything was pretty to look at. All of the staff at Sandals Grenada worked tirelessly to keep the place in tip-top shape. Every day, we’d see someone painting, power washing, repairing, trimming hedges, etc. Their hard work very much shows!

Near the middle of the Sandals resort.

This little spot is where we spent most of our days while on the island. The backdrop of the hillside as we looked out onto the lagoon and ocean are truly a slice of heaven we won’t forget.

sandals grenada st george

The beach at Sandals Grenada is unique because they’ve used rocks to build two separate lagoons where you can swim and not be knocked over by the big waves on the ocean. It was so, so peaceful.

sandals grenada beach

We took a sunset cruise around Grenada. We loved absolutely every second! This dress was a nice comfy lil’ number for the trip.

View of St. George’s from the water.



Our walk to the sunset cruise was surrounded by gorgeous sailboats of all shapes and sizes. These are some of the smallest! They said that during Carnival, the mega yachts pull into harbor and some of those could fit about 3 of these sized sailboats.

Our guide, Gabriel (without the wings, as he said) was probably the coolest guy we’ll ever meet. He had amazing history and stories about the island to share, plus he kept us all smiling and laughing. His theme for our trip was, “We Outside!” meaning basically to let it all loose and ENJOY life. I’m down with that. Dress

We snuck up to the top of one of the units to snag a picture of the beach from up high. To the left, you’ll see one of the pools which then leads back to the rest of the resort where the restaurants, spa, gym, shops, tennis court, and other pools are.

Speaking of pools, this was my FAVORITE part of the trip! Wanna see some adults act like kids? Give ’em some booze and bubbles in a pool and BAM! Instant giddiness. Jon Boy did a bellyflop straight into the bubbles, and I’m not sure I’ve ever loved him more. My hat seemed fitting for the purpose, too. We were lucky enough to get to enjoy two bubble pool parties!

View from on top of the rock formation that makes up one of the lagoons. Look at that gorgeous water. I swoon.

Jon Boy and I made many friends while there, but these swimming buddies were some of our favorites. We got to enjoy them every single day we were there! They were always hanging in the same spot in the lagoon, waiting for a little bread to nibble (or the occasional drop of rum punch to sip).

View looking north towards St. George, Grenada.

There was a great dock to go and sit at to listen to the gorgeous waves, enjoy a beverage, and in our case, to get rained on a little. The rain came almost daily, but the sun came out right after. It actually was really beautiful. It was just a light rain with no thunder or lightening, so we sat in it a few times and just let it fall.

I got to try Jelly Water fresh from the tree! This is a coconut, just not fully ripened yet. The locals call it Jelly Water when you drink the water from the coconut at this phase. It was cool, refreshing, and not too sweet at all.

Ugh, take me back! We plan on visiting Sandals Barbados next, but part of us wants to just head back to Grenada instead. I legitimately almost cried because I didn’t want to leave. It was the epitome of paradise.

Until next time, Grenada! We outside!

sandals grenada st george beach

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