Mantle Decor

Mantle Decor

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Since we’ve been home so, SO, SOOOOO very much since Covid hit, I’ve been doing a bunch of different projects around the house. I’m sure y’all have, too! It gets hard day-after-day staring at the same ole, same ole. So, to spruce things up a bit, I decided to redo our fireplace mantle decor. This post is short-and sweet: just the items I’ve used to decorate and their links. Happy Friday, y’all!


This mirror was the centerpiece for my idea. I love the contrast of the black rim against the Austin stone. I searched forever for these black candlesticks and ended up going with these from Amazon over a set from Pottery Barn. They’re great quality and pair well with the black mirror.

Black Round Mirror (similar) | Black Candlesticks


My big splurge was on these stems from Crate & Barrel. I have some for now (Fiddle Leaf Fig) and some for the fall and winter (Olive Branch). The beaded garland is from a local boutique: The Brook Home & Gift (check them out – they’re amazing)!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Stems | Olive Branch Stems


These vases were the perfect height and depth for the mantle. I love their coloring, too!

XL Clear Glass Vase | L Clear Glass Vase


I’ve had this topiary for a while now, and I’ve used it all over the house in different areas. I love it as a balancing piece to go with the Fiddle Leaf Fig stems on the right of the mantle. The decorative books (similar on Etsy) were an Amazon find. They came in a stack of four, so I separated them to put on either side of the mirror. I couldn’t bring myself to tear apart old books we already have (it’s the librarian in me). Plus, I love the color of these.

Topiary (similar) | Decorative Books (similar)


That’s all, y’all! Short-and-sweet. Happy FriYAY! May your margaritas be cold, and your queso spicy!

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  1. Hello! I came across your post on Pinterest when I searched for mantel decor ideas and instantly loved your ideas! The links for the vases, fiddle leaf fig stems, and the topiary are no longer available. Was hoping you could provide some updated links please. Already purchased the candle sticks, the mirror, and those great books. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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