Loving Lately this Labor Day

Rule #391: Sometimes you’ve gotta celebrate that FREEDOM, baby!

This Loving Lately this Labor Day is full of fashion finds, home goods, and supplements for furry friends and you! I hope you find something you love.

Jumpsuit (13 colors) | $40

This jumpsuit is one of my favorite finds this year! I wore it on the plane to Grenada, to date night, and to this girls’ night below. It’s super comfortable and flattering. I’m wearing a medium for reference. These pumps are a go-to for me also. I’ve actually got them in 4 colors!

jumpsuit white women

Skinny High Jeans | $40

These jeans are super comfy and flattering. The price is great, too! They’re TTS as well. I bought Slim Ankle Jeans ($30) as well. My favorite sneakers are also in the pic. I wore this outfit (clearly) on my first day of FREEDOM aka when Brooke went back to school. It was perfect for a lunch with friends to celebrate!

relaxed cropped jeans women

Flannel T-Shirt (5 colors)

I loved this shirt so much that I bought it in 2 colors! It’s long enough to cover your hiney, so you can wear it with leggings! I purchased a medium.

womens relaxed flannel t shirt

Running Shorts (14 colors) | $23

Now that the temps are getting (somewhat) cooler, I’m back to going on my runs with the dogs. These shorts are very comfy, have a liner, and the pockets are a bonus. I purchased a medium.

running shorts

Running Belt (5 colors) | $14

When my hands are full with the dog leashes and such, I like to have this running belt to hold my phone and pepper spray. Oh yes, pepper spray. It’s adjustable to your waist size and is a great steal at $14!

Running Belt

Clutch Purse Dumpling Bag (10 colors) | $30

I’m excited to go on some date nights with this cute clutch purse. It’s a great deal and is a dupe for some very expensive ones I’ve seen.

clutch purse dumpling bag

Laptop Travel Bag (8 colors)

I have this laptop bag attached to me pretty much every day of the week. I love that it’s a backpack and has two sections: one for my laptop and the other for my papers. I also keep my chargers in the pockets. It’s very durable and made of great quality.

laptop travel bag calpak

Indoor Basket Planter (medium shown)

Our little snake plant needed a little basket to make him fit into the group. I love the texture and shape of this basket. It comes in 3 different sizes, too!

WoofWell Golden Retriever Supplements | WoofWell Supplements for Dogs

These Golden Retriever Supplements have been a game changer for our dogs, especially our older dog, Penny. We give her two a day, and we’ve seen a huge difference in her energy level and pain level for her little joints. These are worth every penny!

Goli Supergreen Supplements | Goli Superfruit Supplements

I’ve been taking these supplements for a few months now, and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my energy level. Especially in the afternoons, I used to have a major energy slump. But now that I’ve been taking these (2 a day), I am able to keep pushing through and knocking out all the to-do’s! I highly recommend them.

First Day of School Sign

I had to make my own first day of school (aka mom’s freedom) sign once Brooke started back to school. I’m so pumped for routine and being able to knock out tons of work while the kids are busy at school!

first day of school chalkboard sign

Detox Face Mask

I’ve been using this detox face mask for a few months now, and I’m very impressed. I use it twice a week and have noticed a difference in the cleanliness of my pores.

detox face mask

Power Glow Peels

I use these 1-minute peel pads twice a week as well. I try to alternate these with my detox mask. I use them after washing my face, allow my face to dry, then apply my night serum and moisturizing cream.

Makeup Brush Cleaner | $8

This eco-friendly makeup brush cleaning solution works like a charm! It’s a steal at $8, too.

make up brush cleaner

That’s all for this round up of what I’m loving lately this Labor Day! I hope you and yours have a relaxing Labor Day full of laughs and good times! Cheers, y’all!

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