Loving Lately

Loving Lately

Rule #317: Dress not for the season you have, but for the season you want.

I’m pretending that I can change the weather by crossing my fingers and toes and wearing clothes that are meant for cooler temps. That seems totally plausible, yes? Very realistic, in my opinion. This is another Loving Lately round up for y’all, including a few of my faves and some of Jon Boy’s and the kids’!

Romper | This romper is definitely going to be in the rotation as we transition from steamy summer to cooler temps. I love the color and the cut!

Midi Dress | This dress is one of those perfect throw-it-on-and-go kinda situations. It’s very comfy and flattering! Sorry, crazy kid in the back can’t be linked up.

Strapless Dress (wearing a medium) | This is my new FAVE dress! It’s super comfy and flattering, plus you can style it for the fall by adding just a lil’ ole jean jacket.


Balloon Sleeve Cardigan | My shoulders cannot wait to be warmed by this gorgeous cardigan! The balloon sleeves and textured pattern is just perfection.

Men’s Undershirts | Jon Boy’s new favorite find are these undershirts. He wears them to bed and also under button-up shirts. They’re very soft and comfy!

Women’s Sports Bras (I ordered X-Large) | A friend told me to snag these during the Amazon Prime Day sale this year, and I’m glad she did! They’re very comfortable, and the best part is the cup liners actually stay in place! Finally! Not searching and rearranging those stupid inserts.

womens sports bras

Little Girls’ Fuzzy Socks with Grippers | The kids have been asking for “fuzzy socks like yours, mom” for a while now. The only ones they had were from Christmas, and let’s just say they’re worn out. These were a great Amazon find! Brooke loves them.

Little Boys’ Fuzzy Socks with Grippers | I got these fuzzy socks for Corey. He’s a big fan!

FAM Organics CBD Oil | I can’t stop, won’t stop with this CBD Oil. I take a little dropper full at night when I wake up at the dreaded witching hour and can’t go back to sleep. One good squeeze of this stuff, and I fall right back to delicious sleep. I also wake up feeling very refreshed and not groggy at all!


I hope everyone has an amazing week! Bring on those cooler temps!

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