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Rule #323: Cute dresses and good caffeine make the world go ’round.

Nothing says, “Spring is here!” quite like some cute dresses, a damn good coffee machine, and an adorable pair of kids’ rain boots. I’ve rounded up a few of our favorite items we’re loving lately this April!

V-Neck Dress | Wine Glass | Sandals | Headband | Necklace

I’m slightly obsessed with this dress and the prints that come with it… also the price doesn’t hold me back. I’ve ordered it in 3 different colors/prints now. It’s perfect for this transitional time of year! It’s flattering, comfy, and awfully cute, too.


Leopard Print Dress | Shoes | Necklace

Here it is in another print. Like I said… I couldn’t help myself!


Leopard Print Dress

Another view. I call this one: The Bathroom Selfie Chic.


Floral Dress

I’m excited to wear this one in Fredricksburg (hopefully) this weekend if the weather cooperates. It’s lightweight, flattering, and comes in a ton of prints!


Jean Shorts

We haven’t had the perfect “jean short” weather yet, but these are ready and waiting in my drawer when the time coems.


High-Waisted Briefs (5-Pack)

I’d model these for you, but let’s just spare ourselves that intimate/awkward moment. I wear these to bed almost every night! They’re super comfy and perfect for sleepy or lounging time.


QUAY Sunglasses (20% off two or more items with code LUCKY20)

These are my new favorite pair of sunglasses from QUAY! They’ve had some great deals going on, so I decided to treat myself before spring and summer commence!



A friend on Instagram sent me this mascara recommendation, and I am a convert! It holds curl very well (big issue for my lashes), and you can build on it very easily. Plus, you can’t beat the price on this Loving Lately find.


BCAA Supplement

I’ve been taking these after each workout for almost a year now, and I can’t rave enough about how much I love them. They help my muscles to heal and recover after a workout so that I can workout just as hard the next day. No more DOMS for this gal! (Delay of Muscle Soreness according to Jon Boy… those are his words not mine.)


Kids’ Rainboots

Corey has been living in these little rainboots. He enjoys to pair them with khakis, jeans, and swimsuits. No shame in his fashion game. Plus, they keep my floors a lot cleaner when he chunks them at the door!


Cuisinart Grind and Brew + K-Cup Coffee Maker

Jon Boy and I aren’t what I would call Coffee Snobs, but we do put a lot of thought and effort into our daily caffeine. We like to have freshly ground coffee, so this new Cuisinart maker was a DREAM COME TRUE when our old coffee maker finally bit the coffee-grind-dust. It not only grinds fresh coffee beans (or not if you aren’t in to thatjust turn off the grinder and use regular grinds), but it also has a side dedicated to k-cups! It’s a delicious two-in-one duo.


Silk Pillowcase + Scrunchie

Silk is the new… younger skin and healthier hair. I’ve had one for years and used it HARD. This has been a delicious replacement, plus it comes with a cute scrunchie. My inner 80’s baby is very happy! Perfect for this Loving Lately post!


National Geographic Fossil Dig Kit

If you need to keep your kids busy, you need to get them one of these bad boys. Corey loves these types of toys from National Geographic. This is the latest model I bought when Spring Break felt a bit… long.


I hope your spring is full of good-feeling vibes from your wardrobe to your caffeine to the kiddos! Happy April, y’all! I hope you’ve found something to love in this Loving Lately post!

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