Loving Lately

Loving Lately

Rule #232: It’s never too early to plan for good times!

It’s only February 10th, and I’m already planning ahead for Easter, beach trips (hopefully), and a little vacation with my ole Jon Boy to celebrate our anniversary this summer. Nevermind that I still have yet to buy anything for Valentine’s Day. I’m gonna Scarlet O’Hara that one and “think about that tomorrow.” Here’s a little round up of some great dresses for vacation and/or Easter, a few good Amazon finds, and some great gift ideas for the kids for Easter!

Lilly Pulitzer Tunic Dress | I love a good Lilly. I mean, you know, besides myself. I love Lilly Pulitzer as long as it’s not TOO Lilly Pulitzer-ish, you know what I mean? This dress is a perfect blend of color and pattern without being too out there. Can’t wait to wear this on a vacation (hint, hint Jon Boy).

Lilly Pulitzer Tunic Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Stripe Ruffle Neck Dress | This little Lilly will be accompanying me to Easter Sunday along with all the Easter grass I know will be stuck to my shoes. It’s a very flattering fit, and the neckline is gawgeous!

lily pulitzer striped ruffle neck dress

Sleeveless Floral Print Dress | This is a close second for Easter Sunday! It also fits like a charm and is super comfy. I think I’ll save this one for Palm Sunday or maybe just to wear around the house so my family knows I own something more than yoga pants.

sleeveless floral print dress

Soft Jogger Pants ($14) | Speaking of yoga pants… eh hem… I decided to branch out to another form of comfy pants thanks to my good friend Rachel (she has an amazing blog about being an Allergy Mom and all that implies… you should check it out)!

jogger pants

I love them so much I bought them in 2 colors!

jogger pants

Tie Front Shirt | I am bummed to say I haven’t been able to wear this cute little number thanks to our crappy weather. Once that sun is out, I’ll be wearing this with some white jeans and Chuck Taylor’s. This is something I’m definitely Loving Lately.

Tie Front Shirt

Long Sleeve Tunic Tee ($27) | Sometimes you just wanna reach in your closet and grab a “Just a T-Shirt” ya know? That’s how I feel about this tunic. It’s a great length because you can wear it with leggings or jeans. It’s oober comfy, too!

Long Sleeve Tunic

Fuzzy Popcorn Sweater ($31) | I just ordered this bad boy off Amazon the second I saw my neighbor in it! It’s so amazingly soft and cayoot! I love the v-neck cut and cuffed sleeves.

Fuzzy Popcorn Sweater

Supergoop! CC Cream | I’ve been obsessed with this CC Cream for a couple of years now. I can feel and see the difference in my skin when I wear this over a traditional foundation. It provides full coverage that’s not cakey, and it helps to correct skin tone.

Supergoop CC Cream

Cutting Boards | I’ve been looking for a set of cutting boards to put behind the stove for years! These are just the right color and size. I’m in love. I think I’m going to name them, but I can’t decide on what I should call them yet.

large wooden cutting boards lulu and georgia

Swig Travel Mug | I couldn’t pass up this little number when I was searching for a replacement lid after Brooke so delicately broke mine. I didn’t know Swig even made mugs for coffee and tea! This one comes in tons of colors, too! And it’s DISHWASHER SAFE people! Perfect for a Loving Lately post.

Swig Travel Mug Amazon

Bluetooth Headphones ($21 and multiple colors) | I HATE working out with cords falling this way and that. I inevitably do the “hit the cord, drop the phone, awkwardly get off the machine to get it” scenario every time. Rachel (yupp – same one with the awesome blog who told me about my cute jogger pants) has these and loves them. I just bought them two weeks ago, and they’ve been a GAME CHANGER! They don’t fall out of my ears, they come with 3 sizes of inserts, and the sound quality is perfect.

Bluetooth Headphones

Matt Chandler: Joy in the Sorrows | Before I met Jon Boy, I went to Matt Chandler’s church in Dallas. His sermons are some of the most powerful I’ve ever heard. He has a true heart on fire for God. Nothing proved this more than his battle with cancer. I’m excited to read his book and see how I can relate it to my past.

Matt Chandler Joy in the Sorrow 1

P is for Pterodactyl | This is a perfect book for you grammar lovers out there. It makes my nerdy heart very happy!

p is for pterodactyl

The Stinky Cheese Man | These stories were my favorite ones my parents would read growing up. They’re silly, but perfect for teaching kids humor in writing. Corey is already in love with the Stinky Cheese Man!

the stinky cheese man

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game | Seriously the cutest game in the world! We love this game so much that Corey asked to give it as a present to a couple of his buddies for their birthdays. It’s very easy to explain and play! I promise you’ll love playing it as much as the littles do.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

UNO: Moo Game | This is the easiest game to teach your kids, I swear! And also another Rachel Rec! I should do a whole post about her good finds. No Chutes and Ladders business where you spend more time explaining the game than playing it. We played 4 rounds yesterday, and Jon Boy and I had just as much fun as Corey. It’s basically a 3-5 year old’s version of UNO (and doesn’t involve cards – praise be). Had to be in this Loving Lately post!


I hope you’ve found something to love in this Loving Lately post!

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