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I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that we just can’t seem to catch a break these days. We’ve got totally “first world problems” as they’d say, but lemme tell you somethin’… they start to wear on you. Corey and I have had a cold (yes, just a cold… already went to the dr) for seriously three weeks now. It just won’t quit. I’m thinking we’re just getting used to all the Houston allergies and germs and things like that. It will pass.
On top of that, we’re having to have our upstairs floors refloated (again). That means movers (again) and keeping Corey sequestered to only about half the first floor or outside. Seems like no biggie, except that he’s A TODDLER! My in-laws have all been so gracious about letting us hang with them. I’m less than thrilled about having to unpack and redecorate everything (again) when all of this mess is over. I’m really ready to have some even floors though. Walking on literal hills every time I’m upstairs has been enough to put me in the looney bin.
when someone suggest wine at 8 am
Anywho – whining over.
I’m gearing up for summer on our porch and at the pool! We’ve already been grilling a ton thanks to Houston’s great weather so far (remind me I said that in August). I’m on the hunt for new swim suits, too. I did find a couple of great cover ups I’m loving already though.
I found this one at Francesca’s the other day:
[I can’t find the link, but go to the store anyways. You’ll have more fun!]

And I have this one from Nordstrom that I bought last year:


nordstrom cover up


My dad’s old Suburban, Juanita, just hit a big milestone! I love driving around in his truck because it feels a little comforting. I still have all his parking stickers from work, my brother’s “I’m Proud of My Eagle Scout” sticker, and even Daddy’s sunglasses still hanging. Hopefully ole Juanita lasts another 100k for us!




I’m going to give this little uBiome project a shot. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re going to be either completely disgusted or intrigued. My grandpa and my dad both had colon cancer, so to say that our family is obsessed with poop would be an understatement. The uBiome project is basically compiling samples (yes, those kinds of samples) from folks around the world. You provide your family history, and they were very interested in mine considering what I’ve mentioned, then send in your sample. They analyze everything and send data back to you. They also keep you information as part of the research they’re doing. Pretty cool! Plus, it’s all free!


[click here to read more]



ZAC FREAKING BROWN BAND! They have a new album, so we of course had to snatch it. Jon loves Amazon Music, and I’m a diehard iTunes person. We now have two copies of the album because we both refuse to switch to the other platform. This song really hit me for some reason. It’s been on repeat like crazy. It’s funny because ZBB’s albums have coincided with our lives so much since we got married. This one is no different.


zac brown band


Lots of feels on this one. Being sick makes me a little more emotional I guess, but this quote really struck me. Nothing will make you appreciate your blessings like losing some of them.



And to end on a lighter note…

favorite quotes
But really the toilet paper. There’s only one right way.

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