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Rule 154: Retail therapy is a beautiful thing.

Whewie! It’s been a busy week for us. Halloween falling on a Wednesday is brutal! We had a lot of fun and a few tantrums (Corey and Mama both…). I also got to hang with my girls at Girls’ Night Out at Magpie’s Gifts in Cypress. It was the perfect day-after-Halloween activity: shopping, Christmas music, wine, and some of my fave ladies!

One of my favorite gifts (for myself… it was retail therapy) was the C.C. Beanie. They’ve got it in about 5 colors, and I am super pumped to get to wear mine anytime it’s under 60 degrees around here. It perfectly hides my haven’t-showered-in-how-many-days hair.

        magpie's gifts cypress

Look a these two beauties! Everything they’re wearing (minus booties + jeans) are from Magpie’s! I’m loving the floppy hat look this fall.

magpie's gifts cypress

I bought this entire ensemble. Just straight up picked the whole hanger set up and dragged it to the register. The cami underneath the sweater is a lacy cami that you can wear with so many things this fall. I’ll definitely be posting some outfits showcasing that gem of a find. Magpie’s also has the same cami in black, too!

magpie's gifts cypress

My gorgeous sister-in-law had fun showing off this cute little gift: a microphone that you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Then, you can sing along with your jams and your voice is projected along with the music. It’s like at-home karaoke with a fancy mic. The model isn’t part of the gift though y’all, sorry.

magpie's gifts cypress

Those wine glasses… and those napkins… it’s like Santa already knows what’s on my list.

magpie's gifts cypress

NATIVES! Corey’s feet grow about 1.5″ a day, so we buy new Natives as often as we buy milk + bread. I love all the cute colors, and I’ll be honest… I can’t wait until Brooke sports some of those glittery ones. I think I could make it work now, don’tchya think?

magpie's gifts cypress

Magpie’s home decor is absolutely beautiful. I had to majorly restrain myself from buying everything I saw. I should probably wait until I at least have Halloween put away before I get all pumped about Christmas decor. Or should I?

magpie's gifts cypress

Magpie’s also has great teacher, friend, coworker, workout buddy, mailman, milkman (you get the idea) gifts that the gals at Magpie’s will also beautifully wrap for you.

magpie's gifts cypress

They have a gorgeous Alex and Ani bar, too!

magpie's gifts cypress

All the little paintings nestled into the displays were making me practice my restraint muscle, too. I love those little finds that you can place throughout your house that give little pops of warmth + color.

magpie's gifts cypress

Magpie’s also carries the Lollia skincare line. The smells. I cannot even with how heavenly they are.

magpie's gifts cypress

Heavenly smells continue… Nest candles! These also make very nice gifts.

magpie's gifts cypress

They have tons of gorgeous ornaments, too! As you can tell… we had a great time! I’ve got a ton more to share with y’all about what I got this blessed night. I’ll be posting all of those pieces as I wear them.

magpie's gifts cypress

Speaking of wearing… I was super proud to finally get to VOTE! I took Brooke with me, and we marched in and out of there in under 10 minutes. I was even sporting my Halloween shirt + earrings. Ain’t no shame in my jack-o-lantern earring game.

i voted

Speaking of Halloween… my Drink Up Witches wine glass (dishwasher safe because Mama ain’t got time to handwash) came in major handy on All Hallows Eve. Good lawdy.

Our first pumpkin we grabbed at the pumpkin patch last weekend ended up gettin’ all mushy and nasty in our garage. I’m talking pumpkin juice staining the floor of our garage nasty. It still stinks. I can’t. I just can’t.

Anywho… I picked up another pumpkin at the patch before picking Corey up from school (MDO). We got it home, got him a snack, and then thought we’d try carving our first jack-o-lantern before heading out to trick-or-treat. Corey had other plans. Plans that included throwing a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him wield the chefs knife. I mean. I’m awful, y’all. Just terrible.

drink up witches halloween wine glass

It’s all part of the deal with a toddler on the verge of three, but sweet bananas it wears me out! Daddy came to the rescue and pulled off a very traditional jack-o-lantern that Corey ended up loving. We made it with minimal tears on my part. It’s just tough when you make plans in your head for how “fun” something will be and nothing goes exactly how you’d planned. Kids will make + keep you flexible, that’s for sure!

jack o lantern

Speaking of flexibility… Corey originally wanted to be Evan Gattis from the Houston Astros for Halloween. He wore the cute stinkin’ beard for all of two minutes before it became old news. “I can’t like it!” So, we improvised…

evan gattis costume

And he decided to go as George Springer instead. [PantsBeltSocks | Shoes]

I must say, he’s a handsome little player no matter who he decides to be.

astros halloween costume

His little baseball sidekick was happy to be part of the action, too. Although she only lasted for a couple of houses before it was time to eat again! [Baseball Onesie | Bow]

 baby baseball costume

My sweet little toddler trick-or-treated for the first time successfully for about two blocks! THEN, we had an all-out, knock-down-drag-out MELTDOWN OF THE CENTURY. My neighbors got to watch me carry my screaming chunk of a baseball player alllllll the way back home, candy bucket + bat in tow. And what set it off you ask? I told him we had to walk around a puddle. A puddle, y’all. The emotions of an almost three year old are truly sensitive + intense.

Brace yourselves, THREE is coming.

But, I’d do it all over again just to see him march down the street in his little baseball get-up, ringing the doorbells he could reach, and saying, “Trick-or-Treat!” as quietly as humanly possible as he reached into candy buckets.

astros halloween costume

It’s random, but I had to give an update on Fernando the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. We moved him inside a few months ago and gave him this new planter as his home. It’s been a learning experience to keep him going now that he’s indoors. I read that it’s best to rotate the trees every month so they grow straight, and I’m a believer. I took this picture in October after rotating him. He was leaning the other way in September, but began growing back the other way towards the light.

fiddle leaf fig tree

I rotated him November 1st, so we’ll see how much he grows back the other way this month. He’s one tough little tree. He’s survived a major move, dogs, a toddler, and the neglect of a sleep-deprived mama.

fiidle leaf fig tree

Here’s an update on another creature we’ve allowed indoors who’s growing + thriving! Brooke Marie is a sweet little bundle. She’s been on some reflux meds that are liiiiiiife changiiiiing, y’all! She’s a happy spitter whereas a few weeks ago, she was in quite a bit of pain after every feeding. I’m super happy we were able to get her some relief! Now she’s a smiling, gah-gah-ing, noisy creature that we all love. Even Corey!

brooke marie

And no shame here… she’s already wearing some Christmas outfits. It’s November, below 60 degress in Houston, and her outfits are already getting too small, so here we are! I think she’s pretty okay with it though. She’s been a good girl, so she knows Santa will reward her handsomely.

brooke marie

Cheers to the weekend, y’all! May your football teams win, your children behave, and your extra hour of sleep be magical! [Those of us with littles are rolling our eyes at that, but a girl can dream, right?]

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