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Things have been crazy [as usual] for us lately. Our health hasn’t been the greatest, and we’ve been back and forth from Dallas more than I’d like to even think about. Cheers to staying put for the next couple of weeks!
It’s National Puppy Day! I had to throw in these gems of our two little fur babies. I love these bundles of energy and sweetness.
Osa – circa 2008
Penny – circa 2014
Little man is loving his swim lessons! He also has a slight crush on the little girl in his class. Right after I took this picture, she and her mom were walking into the pool area. Corey immediately burst into a HUGE smile and started babbling [yelling] towards them. It was adorable. Also, mama ain’t ready so slow your roll, kid.
corey douglas
I’m really loving my new Barrington bag! It’s got a TON of side pockets, so I’m not spending 20% of my day searching for things at the bottom of my pit of a purse. The khaki colored leather is new this season, too! I love the light accent of the leather mixed with navy. Mama is happy!
barrington bag
A couple of weeks ago, two of my sisters-in-law and my sister-in-law’s aunt visited the Neiman Marcus fashion show at the Galleria in Houston. We had SO much fun! We felt so fancy watching all of the beautiful models show us the newest fashions for spring while we sipped [free] champagne. We also got a great gift bag, and I definitely ordered a few things from it already. More to come on that later!
fashion show
The champagne was a great idea until I almost bought this number… it was a mere $400. But look how cute!
fashion show
That awkward smile isn’t going to land me a modeling career anytime soon…
fashion show
So, like I said. Our health hasn’t been that great. Little man caught a nasty cold (which he shared with me), so we had a lot of snuggling while we were at my mom’s in Dallas.
corey douglas
He put that little foot up on my leg while we were watching Pioneer Woman.
** heart melting **
I hate that he didn’t feel good, but I will relish those moments until my last day.
corey douglas
Guhhhh dem cheekies. I couldn’t turn down an extra snack the day he gave me that little look. Those hands on that tummy are actually his sign for please. Too freakin’ cute.
corey douglas
To end the era of sickness (hopefully), Corey ended up getting a bacterial infection somehow. It manifested in his right thigh, so he’s on serious antibiotics now. I’m not going to lie when I say it scared me to the core to hear that. Bacterial infections can be minor or extremely severe. I remember that one of the couples in my grief group last year lost their daughter to a freak, antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection. Needless to say, I’m SO grateful that we live in a place where good doctors, medicine, and access to emergency services are so prevalent. It makes me want to say a few extra prayers for the mamas who live in places where those things aren’t available.
corey douglas
We’re missing our daddy like crazy! He’s had lots of work in the Big D, so we look forward to seeing him this weekend.
corey douglas

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