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You ever had those times in your life when you think, really? For serious? Nope. No way. This can’t be happening.
Yeah, that’s been me for a few weeks now.
In my last ‘Life Lately’ post, I mentioned that we’d all been a bit sick [I even missed some of my friends’ wedding b/c of it]. Corey had a bacterial infection [antibiotics worked, PTL!]. The day after I heard about Corey’s infection, our vet told us some awful news. Our oldest dog, Osa, has metastatic cancer and there’s nothing they can do about it. She’s got so much going on that she’s even got some fluid in the outer cavity of her lungs. She’s struggling to breathe which makes every little thing she does difficult. It’s been absolutely gut-wrenching to watch her suffer this past week. She’s gone from an energetic, puppy-like baby girl to basically laying down and only getting up to eat [although not much].
I’ve had my sweet baby since 2008, and I just can’t believe that in a short time she’ll be gone. She’s been with me through so many tough life events, and I feel like she’s my firstborn. I’m sure they’ll play ball with her in Heaven.

I took the opportunity to steal a lot and I mean A LOT of snuggles from my sweet baby boy. It’s amazing how hearing, “Mama,” makes my heart go pitter-patter and momentarily washes away the pain of the day.

life lately

Since the hubs was back in town for just a short while before he had to head back to Dallas, we decided to skip church on Sunday and have a little Sunday Funday date (with a baby). We found a great new spot called Murdoch’s Backyard Pub. It’s PERFECT for folks with kids who want to play and wander. We had a few beers, ate some Love Nugs (delish cheese curds – if you’ve never had a good cheese curd from up north, you’ve gotta try these bad boys), and we got to play with Mr. C Man.

murdoch's backyard pub

They have a huge backyard (as per the name) where they’ve got balls, chalk, tons of space, and a lot of patience for kiddos.

murdoch's backyard pub

Next time we go, were’ definitely going to have some crawfish because ’tis the season! I think Corey will stick to his burger though, judging my the way he inhaled this one.

murdoch's backyard pub

I’ve been killing all of my indoor plants lately, so I decided to opt for fake ones for now. These little beauties are from Nordstrom and they were only about $12 each! Not too bad considering how life-like they look. Plus, hopefully I won’t kill these.

ALLSTATE Sempervivium Decoration

nordstrom deco

I just had my hair redone, and I’m loving the layers of blonde that I’ve got. I tried going darker, but it just went against my inner being. She’s a blonde, you know.

life lately

I had to document having hair that was ACTUALLY done for the day. How long does dry shampoo work again? I’m good for at least a week, right?

life lately

I tried a little chalkboard art since it had been a hot minute (okay, more like a hot year and a half). It’s not the greatest, but it’ll do for now.

chalkboard art
Cheers to surviving tough times! We all have them. I’m hopeful that my tough times remind me that compassion and generosity are always welcome traits in today’s world. You never know what the person next to you is feeling or thinking or going through. I try to remember that when I really want to lay on the horn, say a snide comment, or give a crappy tip. You just never know what the other person is dealing with at the moment.
So, put a few berries in your vino (trust me, it’s fantastic) and raise a glass to turning the other cheek!
life lately
Cheers, friends.

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