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Rule #60: You win some. You lose some.

Yeehaw! I finally made it out to my very first Houston Rodeo, and boy howdy it did not disappoint! I’ve been to the Texas State Fair and the Ft. Worth Rodeo, but this was on a whole other level. The cowboys + cowgirls, the music, and the 100% Texas True atmosphere made the country girl inside me a happy little one.

Houston Rodeo

Love these beauties! It was fun to get out, throw on our boots, and enjoy some kid-free time! I’d say this was one for the win column!

Houston Rodeo

I’ve had a few questions about my outfit! My sweet sister-in-law gave me this dress from Magpie’s Boutique in Cypress (the brand is MTS and it’s actually on Poshmark right now for $20!). The necklace and bracelet stack (closer picture below) are from Stacked Jewels. My boots are actually the boots Jon Boy gave me as a wedding present (I wore them to our reception – most comfy boots ever!)

Houston Rodeo

I only wore makeup twice this week, so I had to document it. It’s amazing how much of an accomplishment it is to actually shower, do my hair, apply my 4 pounds of makeup, and wear cute clothes (and all at the same time)! Miracles do happen. I count this as a win!

IMG 5274 1

Necklace is from Twine & Twig | Earrings are from J.J. Leigh Designs

IMG 5275 2

I’m having fun playing with my faves from Stacked Jewels. She is truly amazing! I went to a party a while back and basically bought everything that wasn’t nailed down. I literally took the necklace she was wearing off her body. She’s coming back to town later this spring, and I’m already saving my pennies! I love supporting small businesses!

IMG 5111 1
Stacked Jewels

I’m still loving this Amazon find! This crewneck sweater is a great piece to have in the in between winter and spring days. It’s lightweight, slightly form-fitting, and super comfy! My earrings are a new purchase from J.J. Leigh Designs.

Crewneck Sweater

So I finally did it. I finally named + branded my Slow Cooker! I felt like since we are such close buddies, I ought to name him. He’s Willie Nelson forever and always. It was a match made in Heaven because whenever I’m in my ZONE (as in my cooking zone), I always turn on Willie Neslon’s Stardust album. It’s always been my go-to cooking soundtrack for some reason.

My sweet friend Andrea made the decal for me and even came up with the idea of creating a hashtag to commemorate my love for Willie (both the man and the slow cooker). So be on the lookout for #WillieandLilly in your Instagram feed, my friends!

Willie Nelson Crock Pot Decal

Look at how cute he is. In case you don’t know, Ole Willie Nelson likes to smoke something that rhymes with “DOT”. He even wrote a song about it. Thus the little play on words, “It’s all going to Crock” (as in Crock Pot).

Willie Nelson Crock Pot Decal

A friend of mine sent me a link to these cute matching beanies she saw on Jane (they have GREAT deals btw). I couldn’t resist. They were only $7! They’re available on the boutique’s website now for $13. This is a definite win in my book! Can’t wait to match little Brookie and be as absolutely basic as possible.

Mommy and Me Beanie

We celebrated Jon Boy’s birthday in the exact fashion he wanted: An M&M Cookie Cake, Red Beans + Rice, and a Harry Potter marathon. I’d say he’s got 33 nailed. Another win!

Cookie Cake

We just started trying solids with Miss Brookie Boo. She’s not having it. Not. At. All. Look at those eyes. I need to keep one eye open when I sleep at night.

Brooke Marie

Seriously. She’s beyond unimpressed. So put “Solids for Brooke” in the losing column for now.

Brooke Marie

Another tick for the losing column: POTTY TRAINING. I’ve tried every trick, piece of advice, mom forum rant, etc., etc., etc. It’s gotta be on his time, right? I just hope my sanity can hold out long enough to see this loss turn into a win. Homeboy has his own schedule, and we’re just along for the laundry-filled ride.

I had to snap this pic at the gym the other day. Sweet fella tried to go potty but was lacking in the aiming department. He missed and got it all over his pants. Of course I didn’t have a spare set with me at the time because he’d been insistent all morning that he “didn’t want to go potty, Mama”. I should’ve known better.

Potty Training

Oh well! You win some. You lose some.

potty training is why mommy drinks

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