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Life Lately

Thanksgiving has to be hands-down the BEST holiday of the year in my opinion. It’s all about the FOOOOOOOD + family + friends. No gifts or expectations or stressful schedules. Just the good stuff. It’s also one of the best because our little man’s actual birthday is always right near the big Turkey Day. This year, it was the day after. So, we made special ‘Birthday Pancakes’ which he devoured in under 3 minutes.

Corey Douglas

I genuinely can’t believe he’s two.

Corey Douglas

I got to make the Mashed Potatoes + an appetizer for our Thanksgiving this year. I made a little Whipped Feta + Marinated Cucumbers which is a SUPER easy and delicious app if you’re lookin’ for one. All the food was so yummy, and it was great to get to be with family on my FAVORITE holiday!

Whipped Feta and Marinated Cucumbers Appetizer

My gorgeous sister-in-law!


Jon Boy and I are the worst when it comes to pictures. I had just riced some potatoes before this, so I was all shhteamy lookin’. We totally forgot to get any of us with Corey, too. #ParentFail

jon boy

We finally got a new dining room rug after months and months and hours and hours spent browsing for the perfect one. And also, I may or may not have made Jon Boy help me return 3 8′ x 10′ rugs… whoopsie poopsie. The good thing is that all of the rugs are on sale right now, so I wasn’t super concerned. After all, you’ve gotta find the right one and the colors always look different once they’re in the actual room.

Bosphorus Distressed Persian Rug

My sister-in-law (the gorgeous one up there) helped us finally decide on this gem. I originally picked this pattern, but in the blue. It was just too busy and too much for the space. So, my SIL suggested this pattern but in the Grey. The touches of blue + yellow add a lot of warmth to the dining room, but without being too busy.

Bosphorus Distressed Persian Rug
Bosphorus Distressed Persian Rug

I’ve had a few friends who’ve seen my Insta Stories ask me about our Advent Calendar. We kept it really simple this year and bought the calendar from Target [it’s from the awesome new Hearth & Home line from good ole Chip + Joanna Gaines. I printed the verses out, cut them, and put each one in the corresponding day. I’m excited to start a great tradition of reading verses leading up to Christmas Day! I’m also planning on doing small gifts every few days, but that will come later on down the line (after I’ve had lots more sleep + coffee).

Calendar | Daily Verses

advent calendar

We took Corey to one of our favorite restaurants (Willie’s Grill + Icehouse) for his birthday dinner. He got to chow down on some queso and a cheeseburger, and I’m pretty sure this picture is all the evidence I need to know he’s my son. Mama lives for queso.

corey douglas

When we asked him to take a picture with his Daddy, he stood up and put his arm around Jon Boy. My heart melted into a complete puddle instantly. If Corey had asked for a fire-breathing dragon on top of a toddler-sized choo-choo train, I’d have given him seven.

corey douglas
corey douglas

Corey + Penny got their birthday snuggles in, too.

corey and penny

I love how sweet and patient Penny is with him. Sweet baby girl.

corey and penny

As we were decorating for Christmas, I found Osa’s stocking. It punched me right in the feels. I miss my ball-playing fool of a dog. She always had the best smile waiting for me when I got home.

osa's stocking

I can’t wait to share some Christmas decorating details with y’all soon! We had a lot of fun this year, and surprisingly, I haven’t bought anything new [yet].

christmas decor

I’m trying to be all grown-up and do good things for my body [#adulting]. I’ve heard of a few folks who’ve started their days with hot lemon water instead of coffee. It’s supposed to stimulate your insides and get your metabolism going. So, I’m giving it a try. I also have been adding a scoop of Collagen Peptides to the lemon water for an added hair, skin, and nail bonus. We’ll see if it does the trick.

Lemon Water: I just use the Keurig to brew hot water, then squeeze in the juice of 1/2 a lemon, stir in 1 scoop of peptides, and drink away.

lemon water with collagen peptides

Like I said, I cannot believe our big man is two already. I found his shoes sitting like this at the end of a busy day. What a sweet + simple reminder to treasure every second we’re given.

baby shoes
dr seuss quote

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