How to Get Millions of Views on Pinterest

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Rule #421: Once you get the system down, the world is your oyster.

Pinterest is constantly changing their algorithm, and it can be very frustrating. BUT! There’s hope! How to Get Millions of Views on Pinterest is a step-by-step instruction list to help you achieve your traffic goals whether to a blog, website, or Etsy shop. I have over 3 million monthly views, and once even got up to over 9 million monthly views on Pinterest!

how to get millions of views on pinterest

First, make sure the Pinterest images you’re posting are high quality. The best pins out there are 1000 x 1500 pixels. They have two high quality images and easy-to-read text describing the image. See my example below:

Adobo Chicken is an easy, traditional dish from the Philippines that's full of sweet, savory, and slightly spicy flavor! This recipe is an easy dinner that's healthy (only about 240 calories), low carb (11g), and high protein (38g) per serving. It's perfect for a busy weeknight! Adobo chicken Filipino | Adobo chicken | Adobo seasoning | Adobo sauce | Adobo | adobo recipe | easy dinner recipes | easy chicken recipes | low carb recipes | low calorie recipes | low carb dinner | low carb meals

When you’re creating the title of your Pinterest images, make sure the title is something that grabs the reader’s attention and also concisely describes the image itself.

pinterest title to get millions of views

Next, enter the Alt Text description. I tend to just use the same Pinterest Title for my Alt Text description.

pinterest image alt text

Now, be sure to save your pin to the Pinterest Board that best fits the topic of your image. For me, this Adobo Chicken recipe pin will be pinned first and foremost to my Pineapple House Rules Recipes Board.

save pinterest images to appropriate boards

Next, probably the MOST important thing I can tell you is to do your research on your Pinterest keywords. To do this, go to Pinterest and type in the title of your image (make sure “All Pins” is selected instead of “Your Pins”). This will populate a list that you can then use to add keywords to your Pinterest description. Pinterest uses these words to categorize and guide readers to their appropriate pins.

pinterest key word search

As you can see below, I include a quick caption for my pins. Then, I add a bunch of keywords separated by the | symbol. I use every single character of the Pinterest Description box. This is the best way to get Pinterest to send traffic your way.

pinterest description with key words

Finally, add the destination link for where you want the Pin to lead your audience to. This is how you can grab traffic from Pinterest to your website.

pinterest website destination

After you’ve created your pin, head back to your destination link. Click an image and be sure to save it to other boards that you’re part of that are relevant to your pin.

be sure to save images on pinterest to appropriate boards

When I am writing a post, I make sure to title the Pinterest Images I want shared to Pinterest with the description I want to populate automatically when someone pins the image. For example, see below to see how I renamed my image in Wordpress. This will ensure that the hard work you did researching the Pinterest Pin keywords will continue to be shared, thus working harder for you!

rename images in wordpress with pinterest description and keywords

An easy way to automatically schedule posts is to use Tailwind. Tailwind allows you to schedule Pinterest posts at the most optimized times of the day. That will help get your Pinterest Monthly Views up, too! You can schedule your posts to appear in intervals in Pinterest (I typically pin identical pins 4 days apart).

schedule posts to pinterest boards using tailwind

I hope this set of tips and instructions helps you to get your millions of views on Pinterest and boosts traffic to your site! I’d love to hear your feedback, questions, and thoughts. Comment below! And, best of luck!

How to Get Millions of Views on Pinterest is a list of instructions and strategies to increase monthly views on Pinterest and therefore get more traffic to your blog, website, or Etsy shop! How to Get Millions of Views on Pinterest | How to Get Millions of Views on Pinterest 2022 | Affiliate Marketing | affiliatemarketingtips | affiliatemarketingoffline | affiliatemarketingbusiness | How to Increase Traffic to Your Website | How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog | How to Increase Traffic
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