Great Beauty Buys

I’ve had some decently good luck with new beauty products lately thanks to my friends and free samples! Anytime I order makeup through Nordstrom, I always take advantage of the awesome samples they send. I usually go for the fragrances, but I also have been trying their facial products, too.
Here I’ve compiled a little list of goodies that have done some wonders for me lately!
This foundation is going to be my go-to for the next few months for sure. It’s got SPF 20 built into it, plus it matches to my skin tone perfectly. It’s liquid, but it’s still lightweight which is what I need for the Texas heat [already… ahem… it’s March]. The sample I received was for the “Naturel” tint, and it works like a charm for me.
terracotta jolie teint
If you get your hair colored or treated, then you know you gotta put some moisture back in those locks afterwards. My hair stylist recommended this one that I use about twice a week, and I’ve seen a major difference in the softness and the strength of my hair. I use it instead of my conditioner and just let it sit in my hair for about 10 minutes (I do a face mask, too just to knock it out at the same time). #mama’sgottawatchthatclock
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Hair Treatment
I’m diggin’ my new color these days – back to blonde, ahhhhhh… feels good.
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Hair Treatment
This next little gem is one my sister-in-law told me about. At first, I wasn’t sure it would really do any good. I mean really… now we need primer for our mascara, too? Guh. I was definitely wrong. I never have to reapply my mascara anymore now that I’m using the primer. It’s really cheap, too. I only put on a little above and below my upper eye and a smidge on my lower lashes. I definitely recommend it if you notice your mascara starts to look a little lack-luster by the end of the day.
mascara primer


I use Aveda facial cleansers now because they seem to work best with my skin. I’ve tried all kinds of skin products, and I’m convinced that there are specific ones that work for specific people. A lot of my friends don’t like Aveda products for their skin while the products they use make my face dry up like a prune. I’ve got combination skin (oily + dry in places… real cute), so I really have to have a great night cream. This little diddy has done me some good. I can tell it’s plant-based because I don’t smell or feel anything weird when I put it on. It’s thick, but not heavy, too which is a definite plus.
aveda hydrating rich creme
I wore this nail polish for a wedding I was in a few weeks ago, and I just keep reapplying it! It’s the PERFECT orange/pink/awesome color I wanted for spring. It’s called Hot & Spicy, too which makes me feel a little hotter and spicier when I wear it. Ooohh lala.
opi hot and spicy

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