Glass Sword (Part II of The Red Queen)

This is a book review of Glass Sword (Part II of The Red Queen), a great series similar to The Hunger Games.

This series is a must-read if you loved The Hunger Games. I actually* think it’s better than THG!
glass sword red queen
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Aveyard writes for anyone who’s really into their deep, dark feelings. Sound like you? Good. This is your series.
After The Red Queen, Mare finds herself in a tough spot between The Red Guard and Cal. She has a hard time figuring out who she really is and who she can be. Can she maintain any semblance of her old self? Or is Mare lost forever? Has she only become The Lightning Girl?
Mare loses many she loves in this book, and she experiences the losses of a true hero. I believe this series was written more for adults than young adults simply because of the very real themes and choices the characters must make. It’s dark, raw, and real.
Are you reading it yet? Why are you still reading this post? Get the book and get going. You won’t be disappointed by Glass Sword (Part II of The Red Queen). 
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