Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Rule #182: Good things come in small packages.

Stocking Stuffers are those elusive little gifts that you want to give, but don’t want to give only to have them thrown away. And let’s be real… you can only eat so much candy outta the ole sock, ‘m I right? I recently asked for Gift Guide wishes on Instagram, and the number one request was for Stocking Stuffers! Everything on this list is under $20! I hope you can find something for those you love and maybe a little something for yourself.

Kids and Family

Water Beads | $8 (50,000 beads)

Water Beads are an easy, simple gift for kids of all ages (Jon Boy even likes them). If you don’t know how they work, just add some water to a small amount of dry beads and let them soak up the water. Then, throw in some small toys (army men, plastic animals, plastic spoons, etc.) and let the kids have at it!


Party Favors

The party favor aisle at Target is one of my favorite to grab some inexpensive stocking stuffers. These are a few of the ones we’ve bought.


Girls Hair Ties or Bracelets | $3 for 6

Brooke has these and uses them as bracelet stacks! The perfect, low-cost gift that keeps on giving.


Little Girls’ Hair Clips | $6

Cute little hair clips are the perfect small gift for the little lady in your life.


Little Girls Star Hair Clips | $5

I kinda want these for myself.


Build and Grow Sets at Lowe’s | $7 each (tons of options to pick from)

I saw these while we were browsing lights at Lowe’s the other day and had to snap a pic to remind myself to go back! These would be a simple, fun, inexpensive gift to throw into stockings.


Would You Rather? For Kids | $7

This adorable book would be a fun game to play on Christmas morning or afternoon!


Sensory Bubbler Toy | $8

These things take me back to the 90’s. Give me cheap and easy fun any day!


Crayons, Markers, and Coloring Books

These are always an easy option to stuff those stockings!


Elf Popper Toy | $12

We might have about 3 of these around our house from Christmases past. They’re a great gift to get some energy out! Other options include: Reindeer, Snowman, Penguin, Llama, and others!


Flying Gliders | $2

We bought these as a party favor for Corey’s first birthday, and we ended up playing with them for months! These are a fun activity to build and then fly around the house.


Sensory Tubes | $7 for 4

Sensory anything is high up in my book! I love easy, funky toys that keep the kids’ brains (and hands) busy.


Sensory Fidget Toy Pack | $19 for a 24 pack

Pair this with some Play Doh, and you’ve got hours of fun! Split it up into different stockings to make it go farther, too!


Fat Brain Dimpl Toy | $13

Corey and Brooke both love this toy equally. They will stare out the window of the car and absently pop it back and forth for 10 minutes straight (no, it’s not an annoying pop). Another great sensory gift!


Water Bead Bags Sensory Toys | $12

Again with the sensory toys… I know. But they’re great little gifts! Again, just split up the package to different stockings or save them for gifts later on (eh hem… Valentine’s Day).


Liquimo Penguin Motion Bubbler | $13

I think this little gem is just too adorable! I kind of want one for myself.


Small Fish Sensory Stretch Toys | $11 for 6

These are good equally for busy body kids or stressed out adults!


Slimy Goop | $7

This was a cheap, easy find at Target (dollar section, holla)!


Farm Animal Stress Balls | $18 for 6

And again with the stress. These things are hilarious!


Kids’ Silverware Sets | $6 each

We usually put one or two pairs of new silverware in the kids’ stockings every year… we’re kinda hard on utensils around here. These cheap pairs are a big hit in our house!

Minnie Mouse | Paw Patrol | Frozen | Spiderman | Forky | Peppa the Pig


Kids’ Character Band-Aids | $3


Drinking Straw Glasses | $4


Adults and Home

Bottle Cap Mini Disc Golf Game | $10

This made me chuckle when I saw it. How unique is this?


Desktop Basketball | $10

Another cute little gift for anyone’s office desk. With all the time everyone is spending sitting in one spot, this just seems like a good choice!


Wacky Waving Guy – Desktop Toy | $8

It says this is a “paperback” book in the description, but it’s actually a desktop toy to bring a little joy to your workday!


Beanie Cap Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper | $16 for 2

These are just too darn cute. A wine stopper that matches the season (at least in places other than Texas)!


Can Strainer | $10

This. Is. Genius. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen something like this before! Love it!


Food Scraper | $10

We have a food scraper similar to this, and I use it almost daily. It makes transferring ingredients from the cutting board to the stovetop super simple.


Dog Treat Seflie Clip | $5

If this isn’t the most genius thing you’ve seen in a while, then clearly you don’t try to get pics of your dog that often!


Ring for Beer Bell | $7

I’m not gonna lie, if Jon Boy actually rang thing expecting a beer, I’d sock him. BUT… it is a hilarious gift.


Seed Packets

I’ve never thought of this before, but giving seed packets to the gardener in your life are a simple, inexpensive gift. I hope some of these little guys are in my stocking this year!


Utility Knife | $3

I feel like Jon can never have enough of these utility knives (mostly because we always lose them). I love the price point, too!


Magellan Mug | $13

I really love this mug for coffee or tea. It’s perfect for outdoor hangin’.


Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws | $9 for 10

We have a set of these and love them! They’re great for going green and dumping the old plastic straws. They go in the dishwasher and are very durable.


Stainless Steel Grater | $6

The kitchen can always use a good grater! Use it for cheese or fruits and veggies or garlic.


Set of 2 Mugs | $8

I’m in love with these mugs. I’m not totally sure why other than that they’re adorable.


“Up and At ‘Em” Mug | $5

This mug is just too darn precious. I love the “go get ’em” attitude.


“Love Ya, Mean It” Mug | $6

This is another good one for someone you love.


OXO Pop Container Mini | $6

We love Pop Containers to keep our pantry goodies fresh. This mini one would be a great stocking stuffer!


Pot Holder and Oven Mitt Set | $5 (3 colors)

I love this holiday red set! It’s very simple and sweet.


Rolling Pin Beach Wood| $9

This beautiful rolling pin would be a great gift (or even piece of decor). I’m all about the old school rolling pins!


Olive Oil Dispenser | $4

We have an olive oil dispenser similar to this that works perfectly!


Mini Serving Spatula | $6

Cutest little spatula this side of the Mississippi (and the other side, too).


Whisk and Spoon Set | $9

This gorgeous set would be great for a stocking stuffer or a hostess gift!


Stasher Reusable Food Storage Bags | Price varies by size

We have these and absolutely love them for snacks or food storage in the fridge. They also can go in the freezer or be used to cook sous vide style!


Wrap-It Cable Clams | $7 for 6

These are perfect for hiding those pesky, bulky cables. It also helps to hide cables on shelving units, too!


Cable Turtles | $5-$7

These fit cables up to 3′ long! What a clean, great way to organize all the cables laying in those drawers.


Cable and Cord Organizer | $6 for 5

These are super handy and good looking, too!


Cabledrop Adhesive Cable Clips | $10 for 9 (comes in many colors)

We have these on the backs of our nightstands to help hide those annoying (and not so cute) cords that we use daily.


Womens Headbands | $14 for 6

I wear one of these daily! They’re cute, functional, and durable!


Lace Headbands | $10 for 7

These are all gorgeous and very great quality! I actually bought two packages I loved them so much.


Pom Pom Ankle Socks | $9

How cute are these sweet, fun socks?


Bandana | $13

This beautiful bandana is a sweet, simple stocking stuffer.


Bath Bombs Set | $15 for 6

Bath bombs are always a great gift idea! Split up this kit and put it in the stockings of your favorite bath soakers.


Satin Pillowcase | $19

Satin pillowcases are the ultimate best way to sleep! They’re good for your skin and hair, plus this one is pretty darn cute.


Cell Phone Selfie Light | $10

Need good lighting? Problem solved.


I hope you’ve found an idea or two to stuff those stockings! Remember the best things come in small packages. Happy Shopping, y’all!


I hope you found something to stuff in those stockings in this Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers post!

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