Gift Guide for the Guys

Gift Guide for the Guys

This is the one for the fellas. I know every guy has his own niche, but I thought I’d put together a slightly Jon Boy-esque list of gift ideas for the men in our lives. I tried to pull from all kinds of different ‘genres’ of boy things, and I’d love to know your favorite Guy Gifts as well. Let’s hear it for the boy(s)!

I can make a lot of things. I cannot, however, make a cocktail. Or popcorn for that matter. All of my cocktail recipes are the result of my fantastic husband and his mad bartender skills. We do get in a rut from time-to-time, so I’m always trying to find new recipes. This is a great gift for the bartender (or bartender who needs help) in your life!

Craft Cocktail Compendium Book ($25)

Craft Cocktail Compendium Book

A good, comfy pair of manly house shoes is never a bad idea. My brother loved his to the point of hole-y worship, and Jon Boy loves his when he’s not dancing around in socks + Crocs. UGGs are never a bad idea either, in my opinion. These little gems come in 3 different colors to match your guy’s eyes… or personality… or pajamas. Whatever.

UGG Scuff Slippers

UGG Scuff Slippers

My brother had one of these signs of manhood in his college apartment [very different from my Boone’s Farm bottles, by the way]. I love the dark wood stand + the way the decanter is tilted. It makes it look just a little Humphrey Bogart-esque with a little millennial twist. It’s a great gift to decorate your fella’s [or your own] bar cart.

Globe Whiskey Decanter with Dark Wood Stand

Globe Whiskey Decanter with Dark Wood Stand

I feel like this is really a non-gender-specific gift, but knowing Jon Boy, this is something he’d literally giggle over if he opened it on Christmas morning. It’s a portable charger for your phone that has over 500 charges available with the lithium battery according to the deets from Amazon. Everybody needs more phone juice these days, ‘m I right?

Portable Charger for iPhone or Other Smartphone

Portable Charger

Speaking of the phones, I always like a good, sleek phone case + wallet. Mark + Graham has a great gift line that can be monogrammed to match your guy’s specific tastes. I know a ton of guys who don’t like having the bulky wallet in their tooshy, so this would be a fantastic alternative. They’re pretty good lookin’, too. The wallets… not the tooshies. Although Jon Boy’s is pretty cute…

Leather Wallet and iPhone 7 Case

Leather Wallet and iPhone 7 Case

Another Mark + Graham gift idea would be this wooden valet. I know Jon Boy is a happier guy (who am I kidding, I’m happier) when his things are all in one happy little place instead of strewn about the house. The monogram makes it a little classier and the acacia wood is just gorgeous… but in a manly way.

Acacia Valet by Mark and Graham

Acacia Valet Mark and Graham

An alternative to the valet is this leather catchall. Jon Boy has one from Pottery Barn that he’s used for years. He chunks his change, wallet, watch, dessert mints from various restaurants, etc. into it. I’m happy because the random stuff isn’t thrown everywhere, and Jon Boy is happy because all of his random stuff is in one place. Plus, the leather and monogram are kinda precious.

Classic Pigskin Leather Catchall by Mark and Graham

Classic Pigskin Leather Catchall Mark and Graham

This Saddle Leather line from Pottery Barn is the same line that Jon Boy’s catchall is from. I love this leather watch box because it gorgeously displays your fella’s watches so a) he can see them and b) he can see them to WEAR them. I don’t know about the guys in your life, but… outta sight, outta mind. This way, his watches stay non-dusty and also on display. The leather lining the box is a great quality, too.

Saddle Leather Watch Box

Saddle Leather Watch Box

Whaaaaaaaaat? A blanket? For a guy? You’re crazy, Lilly. But am I? Think about it. Wouldn’t your guy like to be warmed up, but in manly-styled way? This would be a great gift for his office or ‘man cave’ or just the living room. These are reversible, so they can change with his mood. I like that they seem very holiday-esque without having Santas and Rudolf on them.

Whitaker Reversible Throw

Whitaker Reversible Throw Pottery Barn

I love these holiday coasters because they’re manly but also so cheery! I think small gifts like this last a long time and are a little more practical than some of the others you could get.

Buffalo Check Coasters

Buffalo Check Coasters Pottery Barn

Does this one really need an explanation? NFL + Food + Beer. Winner, Winner.

Personalized NFL Beer Glasses and Serving Bowl

Personalized NFL Beer Glasses and Serving Bowl

Apologies for how small the image is – not sure what’s going on there. BUT! If your fella loves him some pizza + a flashback to the 90’s with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then this would be a super cute, creative ideas. This is an actual pizza cookbook that has all kinds of pizza recipes. I know Jon Boy would be super stoked about this one!

TMNT Pizza Cookbook

TMNT Pizza Cookbook

Another blast from the past gift idea: Sega Genesis in HD! The console is only about $70, and it would offer hours of flashback-to-the-90’s entertainment. It looks like the console comes installed with a few games included Mortal Kombat. I’m more interested in good ole Sonic the Hedgehog myself.

Sega Genesis Flashback HD

Sega Genesis Flashback HD

Kiehl’s has a great gift set of face wash, lip balm, cleanser, moisturizer, and shampoo + conditioner. It comes with a great little travel bag, too! I know most guys don’t want to think of themselves as having “products”, but this line is a really good set for the fellas.

Kiehl’s Essentials Collection ($30)

Kiehl's Essentials Collection

Watches always make a good gift, and this little gem is only $120. That’s a pretty great price for a good quality watch. MVMT has some really sleek ones, but I love this one for its classic look.

MVMT Leather Strap Watch ($120)

MVMT Leather Strap Watch

Jon Boy has a pair of Swims and LOVES them! He (and every other guy I’ve known who has them) has said they’re the most comfortable shoes he’s ever owned. They breathe very, very well and are lightweight. They come in all kinds of designs and colors, too. [Amazon sometimes has them wayyyyy cheaper than Nordstrom.]

Swims Breeze Slip Ons ($130)

Swims Breeze Slip Ons

Cheers to the guys in our lives: husbands, brothers, daddies, sons, grandpas, coworkers, and mailmen alike. Whoever your guy is, may he feel the love this holiday season!

I hope you enjoyed this Gift Guide for the Guys! If you did, check out these other similar ones.


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