Fun Things for Friday

Fun Things for Friday

On Wednesday, this ole gal turned 21!

Okay, o]]>

Jon Boy and I went to a ridiculously wonderful dinner at The Refuge Steakhouse + Bourbon Bar. We were way too into date night and the yummy food, so I didn’t get many pictures at all. BUT! I can say that the drinks were phenomenal and the food was absolutely scrumptious. We each had cocktails + the crab cake at the bar. Then we moved to the dining room for dinner.

refuge steakhouse and bourbon bar

I had a perfect glass of white wine with the Fried Green Tomato appetizer and a great cab with my steak. I forgot the names, and the wines by the glass aren’t listed online! I’m so bummed. I’ll have to go back to see which ones they were. They both were smooth but full-bodied in flavor.

fundamentally music class

I also found this great Russian River Chardonnay called River Road at Total Wine & More the other day. It’s got a great crisp flavor and pairs very well with Goldfish. I mean… caviar. It pairs really good with caviar. What 31 year old eats Goldfish with their wine. That would be weird…

river road chardonnay

Speaking of wine. I needed it after little home boy decided to chomp the top off of his BRAND NEW marker the other evening. I spent $8 on this awesome marker set at Target (Crayola must make a killing off of moms like me at Target…) and this fool BITES THEM! Good thing is (I guess) that he didn’t eat the tip. He spit it across the room. Holy biscuits. Pour me another.


My sweet sister-in-law gave me these friggin’ adorable wine glasses from Magpie’s Gifts in Cypress. Gotta love a good stemless glass!

texas wine glass

On my birthday, I also got to take Big Man to his music class! He loved shaking the jingle bells…

fundamentally music class

And shaking the scarves… (I think I had just taken one in the eye before I attempted this selfie)…

fundamentally music class

And drumming with the sticks…

fundamentally music class

And of COURSE! The stamp on the belly…

Music class is an awesome activity if you’re looking for something to do with your little one. Ours is only about $200 for the semester, and we even did it last year before Corey was one.

fundamentally music class

I got my nails all did up purty for my birthday! We’re also going to the A&M game this weekend in Dallas, so I had to tie in the Aggie Maroon + fall. I’m still loving getting a dip manicure (versus gel or powder). I feel like it keeps my real nails healthier than any other option plus the paint doesn’t chip or peel off like the others.

dip nail manicure

If you haven’t listened to Leon Bridges yet, please do. His song, “River,” is my absolute fave right now.

leon bridges river

Jon Boy went all out and bought me an amazing birthday (and Christmas and Valentine’s and Easter) present: a new Nikon camera. It’s got an amazing Bluetooth feature so it automatically pairs with my iPhone. I can upload a picture to Instagram or Facebook within seconds of snapping it on my Nikon! Pretty amazing. Now if only I knew how to work this thing… (any tips are greatly welcomed).

nikon camera

This is the first pic I took with the new camera. Good thing my model looks good naturally… my skills need work.

This isn’t the most “fun” note for Friday, but I just have to say that if you’ve stopped praying (or meditating or thinking or sending good vibes) for/to Harvey victims, please pick it up again. Just the other day, I was driving back from dropped Corey off at school. It’s a less than 20 minute drive, and on the way back I decided to go a different way home (may or not have been going to Chick-fil-A, but I digress…). I saw house after house after house whose entire belongings and memories were just sitting on the curb.

Ruined. Rotting. It was horrific.

Weeks after that damn Harvey hit, and these folks are still having to stare at a reminder of the whole awful event. And now you add in Irma, Maria, and the earthquake in Mexico. Lotsa prayers all around. I guarantee you it’s made me think twice about recycling more, driving less, and using less electricity to reduce my carbon footprint. You may or may not believe in climate change, but doing something positive has to make you feel good, right?

Anywho… I’m just grateful when this sweet pup can sunbathe and play bubbles. Rain, rain, go away… at least for now.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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