Friday Funday: My Wish List + My Wish NOT List

 Not surprisingly, I’ve had my eye on some pretty things for fall. While browsing the good old Nordstrom, I also found some serious doozies. If I need some fashion schooling, let me know. I just don’t get some of these things that people make and/or buy.

I want to go back to school if only to wear this adorable + chic backpack.

Madewell Lorimer Leather Backpack


Madewell Lorimer Leather Backpack

This bangle comes in 3 colors and would be perfect for stacking or wearing by itself.

Nadri Wrap Hinge Bangle

nadri wrap hinge bangle

As if I need more booties… but I don’t care. These are easy to put on and still stylish. They come in two colors, too.

Sole Society Caribou Mule Bootie

Sole Society Caribou Mule Bootie

I’m not huuuuuge on the ruffle trend, but I feel like this top gives just a nod to the trend while still being slimming and sassy. I love, love, love this color, too!

Storee Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top

storee ruffle off the shoulder top

I’ve never been a big Tory Burch fan. I am however a huge fan of this hobo bag! I’m in love with the color and the long strap (mom life). It’s got tons of space for me to throw Cheerios and dirty Kleenex, too.

Tory Burch Frida Leather Hobo


Tory Burch Frida Leather Hobo

These lovelies are as preppy as they come but oh so cute! They come in different colors as well.

Gucci Princetown Loafer Mules

gucci princetown loafter mule

Now for the My Wish NOT List Items…

Joshua Sanders Smile Genuine Rabbit Fur Loafer Mule


Smile Genuine Rabbit Fur Loafer Mule JOSHUA SANDERS


I just can’t. $348. For. These. Shoes. Like, first of all… y’all killed Peter Cottontail to make these shoes. But then you put a winky smiley face + dye it blue?! I can’t. I just really, really can’t.

Simone Rocha Teddy Feather Trim Tulle Dress

Simone Rocha Teddy Feather Trim Tulle Dress

Okay, I’m genuinely asking. Is this a joke? I need to know. I’m just getting used to the off-the-shoulder, ripped jeans, loafers, and choker things. Like, I get it, 80’s. Cute. But this? I’m just not sure. Emo + too lazy to wear anything but house shoes + stilly wanna be fancy with lace? I dunno. I need to brush up on my fashion, obvi.

Dried Van Noten Two-Tone Lamé Blazer

Dried Van Noten Two-Tone Lamé Blazer

I saved this gem for last. Can you please, please, PLEEAASE guess how much this one is?


$1,995.00 – amigo.

I’d pay that IF the following conditions were met:

1) Michael Jackson wore it while singing Thriller to a President (don’t care which one).

2) It also had slimming powers and made me lose weight while wearing it.

3) It also had fun gadgets like Inspector Gadget’s except they didn’t backfire.

4) I wouldn’t pay it. EVER. Let’s be real. Even the model looks unhappy about wearing it.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

friday its kind of a big deal

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