Rule #153: A long weekend can go a long way.

Jon Boy and I got to escape for a little getaway this past weekend, and to say it was magical, soothing, restorative, and frankly heavenly would be an understatement! We slept in, sauntered around town shopping for all the things we don’t need, ate amazing food, and toured a bad ass bourbon distillery among other things! I compiled a list of recommendations at the bottom of the post, too!


We got into town fairly late (for us anyway: #mid30’s), and most of the restaurants were closed. We had a great recommendation to try Mamacita’s, and ohhhh boy was it perfect for two starving parents without kiddos! If you go, definitely mix the green and the red sauce, try to stop yourself from eating their amazing tortillas, and enjoy the best ground beef taco in the history of Tex-Mex.


We stayed right off Main Street so that we could walk to and from all of the shops and restaurants. We loved our cozy little one bedroom suite! It was perfect for us, and a great deal! It had the basics we needed: coffee maker, fridge, microwave, wifi, and biggo comfy bed.


We also enjoyed the faux fireplace and the oober comfy recliners!


The next morning, we hopped up at the bright-and-early-time of 9 AM, baby! We knew we had a busy day, so we fueled up at City Cafe for breakfast, and holy hotcakes of happy! It was phenomenal. Great coffee, service, and the most perfectly cooked eggs and bacon this gal has had in a hot minute.


We got to tour Garrison Bros. Distillery on Friday! It was probably our favorite thing we did on the trip. You pay just $10, and you get to tour their awesome property, see how they distill their Texas Bourbon, and of course, taste the goods. The atmosphere was very laid back and everyone was very friendly. We would definitely do this again!


Let’s just say these folks have some good humor. Each of these machines had very… eh hem… colorful names. Big Johnson being one of them.


The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, too. Nothing like bourbon and the Texas Hill Country!


I will wave my weenie flag here and say that I couldn’t hang with too much more than a sippy-sip of bourbon. I opted for the honor-system-Texas-beer-fridge situation.


Once we got back to town, we decided to walk from the AirBnb towards the shops and such. We popped into Fredericksburg Brewing Co. for a quick lil’ bite and some brews (and the Masters was on… win, win, win for Jon Boy). Their German pretzel and fried pickles were to die for!


I have to add that this was the day that started the great Pig v. Cow debate on Instagram. Turns out… it’s neither! Ha! It’s a Coyote. We saw this little guy every time we walked from our little place towards the shops on Main Street. We were slightly relieved neither of us was right or wrong because that would’ve given the winner bragging rights for far too long.


Our last stop of the day was Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse. I hate to say it, but we weren’t very impressed. We’d heard such good things from so many folks, too! I’m not sure if it was an off night or what, but I will say their Caprese Salad was divine! The drinks, steaks, and sides were not quite what we’d hoped for.


The next morning, we slept in a little later than we should have, so we had to grab a quick breakfast. We got two delicious (and ginormous) breakfast burritos at Java Ranch Cafe. They were so amazing! And huge! Have I mentioned I’ll be going on a two year cleanse after this trip?


Due to Covid, we had to make reservations at the wineries if we wanted to have a tasting. The only one we could get into with such short notice/booked time was Becker Vineyards. The wine tasting was delicious, and their poppy fields were gorgeous, too.


We ordered a charcuterie board for lunch ahead of time. It was so peaceful to sit under the wisteria, sip some good vino, and munch on something light. Our favorites were the Jolie Rose (very mild, not too sweet) and the Ranger Hays Red that went down dangerously smoothly!


After we got back into town from the wine tasting, we decided to do what we do best apparently: walk, drink, and shop! We found this lovely little antique chair that we debated buying for the kids, but decided CPS wouldn’t agree that it’s a fun toy.


After shopping around for a bit, we remembered (gosh, how could we forget) that the Masters was on. So, we popped into Cultures Bar and Grill for a lil’ beer and German pretzel. They’re so darn good those things. Again, 12 year cleanse coming right up!


Once we decided we’d shopped our hineys off, we decided to give Hondo’s a try! Everyone has raved about it, and oh my heavens it did not disappoint. The atmosphere and margaritas alone were worth the wait!


Jon Boy took one for the team and lugged the goods back to our little place while I waited (oh darn, with a margarita) for our table. I got to hear quite the interesting exchange from a bachelorette party (shared that on the Insta). Let’s just say I’m very glad to be over 30 and in the “Happy to be in Bed by 9” club! But seriously: margs are amazing as is the food at Hondo’s!


We had the best time people watching, dancing, and meeting folks from local Fredericksburg while we were there. My double-glasses-wearing-man even got to request a few of his Red Dirt Country favorites from the band. Happy, Happy! Also… good thing we were in walking distance! Those margs don’t play around.


What I Wore

I had fun (probably too much) getting ready for this little couple’s vacation. I’ll just do a quick round-up and little linkage of what I wore! You can also follow me in the app for direct links and emails.

Dress | Necklace | Sandals


I snagged this adorable dress and hat our first day in Fredericksburg at the cutest boutique: Gypsies and Cowgirls. I could have bought half the store! I will definitely be going back on our next trip to town.


Halter Tank | Duster (similar) | Jean Shorts | Hat (similar) | Necklace | Necklace | Sandals | Sunglasses

I knew we’d be gettin’ mighty toasty on our trip to Garrison Bros. Distillery, so I went for this little layered look. I’m really digging the dusters these days!


Here’s a better view of the halter tank! I really like the cut and fit for layering in the spring and wearing solo in the summer. The Jean Shorts were super comfy all day, too!


Dress | Sunnies | Sandals

On our last day there, literally on our way out of town, we wanted to hit up a few more stores we missed earlier in the weekend. I love this comfy sundress for shopping, brunching, and driving for 4 hours-ing!



Since we were staying right off Main Street, we had the chance to walk up and down the whole area quite a few times. Here are some of our favorite shops!

The Peach Basket was a super cute place full of goodies like jellies, salsas, and mustards. I actually was brave and purchased some CBD Supplements from them, and I LOVE them! I plan on ordering them online when I run out. Their coffee is also delicious!


Fritztown Mercantile has to be a the top of the list for both me and Jon Boy. We got a few goodies for ourselves like the necklaces, t-shirt, and cloths you see there. I plan on using the cloths for food photography. We also got gifts for Jon’s parents and the kiddos there! They had a ton of cute things for kids plus I could have bought out their entire kitchen section.


FarmHause Antiques was perfect for, obviously, antiques of all kinds from furniture to kitchen accessories to decor. I snagged a few French and Russian plates for food photography plus this delicious candle!


My absolute favorite clothing boutique was Gypsies and Cowgirls! I wish I could shop there every week! They had the dress I linked above (white and pink) plus these earrings. They had a ton of great graphic tees, hats (see above for the one I got), denim, and dresses! I will definitely be visiting this little shop the next time we’re in town.


Fredericksburg Recs

Here is a short little list of the places we want to go/have been that we recommend or were recommended to us! The ones with an asterisk* are places we’ve gone and loved!

Grape Creek Vineyards
Silver Creek Vineyards
William Chris Vineyards
Ab Astris Winery
Barons Creek Vineyards
Signor Vineyards
Becker Vineyards*
Garrison Bros. Distillery*

Hondos* – great patio and live music
Fredericksburg Brewery*
Altstadt Brewery
Cabernet Grill – need reservations
Woerner’s Warehouse – shopping and lunch
Chase’s Place
Haufman Hauz
Sunset Grill – breakfast
Pasta Bella
Tubby’s Ice House
Mamacita’s* – down home Tex Mex
Culture’s Bar & Grill*
City Café* – best country breakfast
Java Ranch Café* – breakfast burritos

To Do
National Museum of the Pacific War
Pioneer Museum
Enchanted Rock

Gypsies & Cowgirls Boutique*
Farmhaus Antiques*
The Peach Shop*
Fritztown Mercantile*
Luckenbach on Main*
Remember Me, Too*


Well, that’s a wrap on my wrap up of Fredericksburg, folks! I’m off to bed where I’ll be dreaming of Pilates classes and juice bars. Cheers to Fredericksburg and all the wonderful, relaxing memories it gave to us!

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