Favorite Fashion Finds: The (Late) February Edit

Rule #32: Sometimes you’re just gonna be late.

There was a lot working against me getting this post out on time in February. Between Snowmaggedon, a wicked cold for both kids, and Covid at their school, let’s just say I haven’t had much alone time! Poor kiddos absolutely love going to school, so keeping them home because of “germs” again was a little rough on them (and the Mama). Praise be though, y’all, because both babies are back in school today! So, here are February’s Fashion Finds… in March!


Color Block Sweatshirt (6 colors) | $17

I’m slightly obsessed with this color block sweatshirt. It’s pretty lightweight, so you can wear it into the early spring without breaking a sweat. I’m wearing a medium for reference.


V-Neck T-Shirt (18 colors) | On sale for $10! | Belt

I’m obsessed with this oh-so-perfect v-neck t-shirt I found at Kohl’s! It’s on sale for just $10, so I had to snag a couple of extra colors. It’s a great length, so you can pair it with jeans or leggings and still get full coverage. I’m in a medium.


Sporty Skort (2 colors) | On sale for $28! | T-Shirt

This was a real gem of a find! I love me a good skort, and the price on this one can’t be beat. I bought a medium.


I love the flirty cut of this skort, too!


Duster Cardigan (20 color/pattern combos) | She’s on sale, too! | Necklace | Earrings are from The Brook Home & Gift

I love the length of this cardigan plus the stripe detail on the sleeves. It’s perfect for layering with leggings or even (dare I say it, Millennials?) skinny jeans. It comes in a ton of colors and patterns, too. I’m wearing a medium.


Breezy Workout Tank | Skort

This workout tank is my favorite right now for many reasons. The biggest one being that it doesn’t show your underarm bra situation! I can’t stand when workout tanks go so low that everyone knows you’re wearing a hot pink sports bra (when sometimes we want to keep that knowledge to ourselves). I’m in a medium.


Workout Sweatshirt | Skort

This Athleta find is so comfy and perfect to throw on over a workout tank. This time of year, I’m all about the layers, so this piece fits perfectly in my sweaty life.


North Face Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt | Joggers

This is so funny to me, but very typical of Jon Boy… this is his absolute favorite shirt on me! It cracks me up that of all the things in the ole closet, this is the one he loves most. I love the tight fit and the fact that the length is perfect for sweatpants, joggers, or jeans. I’m in a medium.


Sherpa Pullover Hoodie | Wine Glasses

Don’t mind me here. Just living my best hoodie life with my comfies and a glass of chardy. This hoodie has been a go-to since I snagged it from Academy. It’s warm, soft, and perfect to throw on over stinky workout clothes when you just don’t have time to shower (which for me is more often than I’d like to admit these days).


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