Fall Decor 2017

Fall Decor 2017: Jon and I got just a little stir crazy while we were hunkered down for Hurricane Harvey. We decided to clean and decorate for fall while we were waiting around. (Jon was so, so excited for this fun chore.) I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’ here.

hurricane decor
fall decor
fall decor
fall decor
fall decor
fall decor
fall decor
fall decor

My sister-in-law sent me some great links for t-shirts whose proceeds are going to benefit Harvey victims. I’ve purchased a few already not only for the donation, but also to have something tangible to hold to make myself feel like I’ve done something. May sound weird, but… these are weird times!

Live Love Texas #TeamUpForTexas T-Shirt

live love gameday texas strong

Magnolia Texas Forever T-Shirt

Texas Forever Magnolia Tshirt

Josh Abbott Band My Texas Hurricane Relief T-Shirt

Josh Abbott Band Hurricane Relief Tshirt

Rockets Houston Strong T-Shirt

Rockets Houston Strong TShirt

Some other ways to donate:

Donate to the Harris County Animal Shelter

(outright donation or Amazon Wish List)

Donate to the Orphan Care Solutions of Texas

What are some charities you’ve found that benefit Hurricane Harvey victims? This hurricane had such an impact on Houston and the surrounding areas. I’m so struck by how neighbors and strangers all banded together to help one another in such a difficult time.

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I hope you’ve found something inspiring in this Fall Decor 2017 post.

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