Essential Oils

We [very literally] eat, breathe, and sleep essential oils in our house. I’m not kidding. I put them in my sparkling water in my Yeti and drink it all day long (with a stainless steel straw because I heard the oils can eat through plastic). I diffuse in our living room/kitchen for no less than 12 hours a day. I diffuse in Corey’s room when he’s going to sleep. I diffuse in our bedroom when we’re going to sleep. I roll them on my feet before beddy-bye… ok, you get the idea.
We love oils.
essential oils
I personally am a doTerra fan, but I know there are a bunch of loyal Young Living folks, too. Whatever you choose, I’d suggest going with a company such as these instead of the kind you can buy in grocery stores. In my experience, the ones in the grocery stores aren’t as strong/pure as the ones from doTerra and YL.
I’m going to make this list as concise as possible, because I know from experience that oils can be overwhelming if you’ve never really used them before. FYI – all the names I use are the doTERRA brand’s names. Okay, hang on to your hats:

To Diffuse
purify (to get rid of allergens in the air) —- my absolutely fave —-

frankincense (just like from the Bible; this is expensive but smells fantastic; it’s meant to promote a good immune system and a good sense of well-being)

rosemary + orange (because it smells good)

melaleuca (tea tree oil – for when someone is sick to make them feel better)

breathe (when someone’s sick with a stuffy nose + cough)
lavender (to relax you at bedtime) 

elevation (to lift your spirits when you’re feelin’ glum)

TerraShield (I actually don’t diffuse this one – I just sprinkle it all around our patio when there are mosquitos or I rub it on my ankles/wrists. It helps keep those lil buggers away.)

To Ingest 
{I ain’t a doctor, but these are the ones I mix into my sparkling water}

 grapefruit (promotes good health with antioxidants + it tastes good) — my absolute fave —

lemon (think about how you like a fresh lemon in your water – it’s like that w/o seeds)

on guard (for when you feel a tickle in your throat or everyone around you is sick – promotes a healthy immune system)

slim & sassy (promotes weight loss) 


digest zen (helps when your tummy feels bloated or gassy)
peppermint (for when you’re nauseated or just need fresh breath – I pop these allll the time)
on guard (for when you feel that tickle in your throat like you might be getting sick – promotes a healthy immune system)

I keep all of these in my night stand in the top drawer so they’re easy to access. Jon asks for them all the time when he’s sick or wants to relax, too. The best way to apply these is to the bottom of your feet (something about the way it absorbs into your body). I also like to put them on my neck, chest, and behind my ears.
lavender (to help you relax – I use this every night by rolling it on the bottom of my feet and on my chest)

breathe (think Vick’s Vapor Rub but better)melaleuca (when you’re sick)

on guard (when you’re fighting off a cold)

past tense (helps you relax, but has a slight menthol feeling, so I like this just on my feet)

You can also take a couple of drops from pretty much any oil and apply it topically. There’s one called Deep Blue that’s great for muscle aches. Peppermint is great for headaches. DigestZen can be applied to your tummy if it’s upset. The list goes on-and-on, but I have to admit other than the ones I’ve talked about, I’m not big on topical oils.


I’ve had quite a few different diffusers, and they are definitely not all created equal. The three I love the most are the ones below. They look a little better than some of the others you’ll see, and they last a lot longer than most. As much as I use mine, they last me usually well past a year.

One very important tip about diffusers is that you should let them completely dry out at least every other day (kind of like humidifiers) to prevent mold and bacteria from forming. Mine usually dries out in just an hour if I wipe it out with a paper towel.

This is the one I have in our kitchen and living room:
This little fella is in our bedroom:
And this little piggy is in Corey’s room:
Whew! That’s all I’ve got on oils for now. What are your favorites to diffuse or ingest?

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