Da Beach!

This past week, I had the most amazing time with my in-laws in Port Aransas. We stayed on Mustang Island in a gorgeous home that was within walking distance of the beach. The best part – you can drive your car/truck/golf cart onto the beach and unload all your gear without having to carry it all! Whoop!
Being pregnant on the beach wasn’t my most favorite thought at first, but it actually turned out to be perfect. The waves weren’t too rough, so I got to go out with everyone else and enjoy the surf. And by surf, I mean the water while I’m floating on my noodle so my feet don’t touch the bottom.

I loved my maternity suits! My favorite was this one from Target:

pregnant swimsuit
Because it was a one piece, the bathroom was a little bit interesting. I haven’t had to peel off a one piece since I was about… 7. Other than that, it was extremely flattering and comfortable.

This was also the first beach trip where I left without a sunburn. Whaaaat!? It was like I’ve finally become a real adult and reapplied sunscreen when I should. That could be because I didn’t have a cold beer to worry about, but I digress.
I used this sunscreen that I found at the spa I go to. It’s organic, so I felt okay applying tons of it even though I’m pregnant (I’ve heard all kinds of things about sunscreen and bug spray… and everything else). It was fantastic though! I didn’t feel like I washed off when I went in the water, it coated evenly, and it really kept my skin protected the entire week. This one bottle lasted me the whole week.
You can buy it here if you wanna give it a go.
coola sunscreen

My face has a lot of issues. I have something called Melasma, which is basically when random parts of your face/body tan quicker than the rest of your body. It’s really awesome. I can have a white forehead and cheeks the color of a Brazilian woman. Not. Cute. So, to protect myself, I need a really powerful sunscreen. I used this one. It lasts forever, and the best part is that it’s tinted!
skinceuticals sunscreen

I got to make one of my favorite recipes of all time: Heirloom Tomato Pie! I look forward to it every summer. Because the heirlooms are a bit pricey, I limit myself to only making it one or two times. (For one pie, it’s about $12 worth of tomatoes alone). This pie is worth every delicious penny, though. Just look how pretty these tomatoes are! Here’s the recipe [soooo worth every step – trust me!]

heirloom tomato pie

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