Back to School

Rule #203: Get them kids gone to school… in style!

STATE Backpack

Corey and Brooke both have backpacks from STATE, and we love them! They’re very high quality, easy to open, durable, and can be personalized. The best part is that when you purchase a bag, they donate one to a kid in need. We just ordered this one for Corey. It’s call the Kane bag, and it’s the perfect size for K-5.

Mini STATE Backpack (preschool)

Brooke has the Mini Kane backpack, and it’s the perfect size for preschool aged kiddos. This design is just precious!


STATE also sells lunchboxes to match their backpacks. This pattern is so darn adorable! You can also have the lunchboxes personalized.

Bento Box 1

The kids each have this little Bento Box for their lunches. We’ve had them for over 4 years now, and they’re still holding strong. Both kids can independently open them, so that’s a bonus for the teachers! The insert is dishwasher safe, too.

Bento Box 2

This is the other style of Bento Box the kiddos have. The little compartments are super handy for dips and such!

Camelbak Water Bottle $12 | Mini Water Bottle $11 | (tons of colors/patterns)

We got the kids Cambelbak water bottles this year because they’re ridiculously durable and dishwasher safe. They’re also on a great sale now, so we wanted to stock up!

kids waterbottle for school camelbak

Inchbug Labels

These adhesives labels are dishwasher and washer safe (yes, for clothes and napmats, too). We put them on the kids’ water bottles, bento lunchboxes (above), and on things like jackets, too!

Nap Mat with Pillow and Blanket (personalized)

Brooke has used this exact nap mat for two years now, and it’s still in great shape! The insert comes out so you can wash the nap mat on the delicate cycle. I love the strap it has plus the personalization. We all know those schools LOOOOVE everything to be labeled, so this makes it all easier!

Kids’ Ready-to-Wake Unicorn Clock | Kids’ Ready-to-Wake Alarm Clock

These clocks have been a GAME CHANGER in our house. For a while this summer, the kids would come out of their rooms, well, let’s just say FAR too early in the day. So, we got them these clocks that change colors when it’s the “okay” time we’ve set for the kids to come out of their rooms. For us that’s 7:30! We make them complete their chore chart for the morning (below) before they can come out. Otherwise, they just play in their rooms or read the Read-to-Me books we’ve bought them. It’s saved our sanity in a way I can’t explain! The clocks also function as alarm clocks if needed.

Daily Responsibility/Chore Chart | Magnets

During Covid lockdown last year, my sweet friends sent me a link to these chore charts. We hadn’t implemented them until a couple of weeks ago, and I’m SO glad we did. Before the kids can come out of their rooms in the morning (yes, even the 2 year old), they have to make their beds (the best they can anyway), brush their teeth, and get dressed. We have a few chores for before bedtime, too, but getting that stuff done and out of the way in the morning has been a life saver. I laminated the chart and the chore cards for durability. My friend used velcro dots to adhere the chores to the chart, but I used adhesive magnets. TBH I think her way is better, so in hindsight, I’d go with the velcro.

First Day of School Sign | $30

It’s been hard for me to find a simple First Day of School sign that I liked that wasn’t ridiculously overpriced. I found this one on Etsy, and I LOVE it! Short and sweet, and not breaking the piggy bank.

first day of school sign

The Night Before Kindergarten | Preschool | First Grade ($5 each)

These precious little books are at Target for just $5, so I grabbed the Kindergarten one for Mr. Corey. I can’t believe he’ll be in “Big Boy School” in just a couple short weeks!

the night before kindergarten

Also, if you’re looking for gorgeous embroidered outfits, hats, and gifts for Back to School or others, check out Fireflies & Honeysuckle! She also does custom orders for anything your little heart desires.

Cheers to getting these babies ready to go back to school! And for the sanity the parents will hopefully get back!

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