Amazon Finds: The May Edit

Amazon Finds: The May Edit

Rule #283: Online shopping looks a little different during a pandemic.

Now, normally during an Amazon Edit, I’d be including lots of fun fashion finds like dresses, earrings, and funny t-shirts. This little Amazon round up is full of all things pandemic (i.e. necessity-ish stuff). I’m even breaking the rules and including things not from Amazon (gasp). Don’t tell anyone though. It’ll be our little secret.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Because I’ve been on the computer so much with this little ole blog, I’ve noticed my eyes getting crazy tired. I ordered these little blue light blocking glasses (2 for $20 with tons of color options). I’ve noticed my eyes feel much better, and I have no headache! (Also, you’re welcome for the keepin’-it-real pic I snapped while typing this post. Quarantine ain’t been kind to my hair.)


Shark Steam Mop | Meet Stanley. My Shark Steam Mop. He’s amazing. Fill him up with water, plug ‘er in, choose yer setting, and clean them floors! I’ve used it on both tile, including the grout, and the wood floor. Stanley does a wonderful job if I do say so! The pads are washer machine safe – just air dry!


Black Candlesticks | I’m redecorating our mantel (definitely posting that later), and I wanted some simple, skinny black candlesticks to match our mirror.


Milk Thistle Tea | This is my absolute favorite tea! Milk Thistle is known to have serious benefits for your body – especially your liver. I have at least two cups of this goodness a day.


Recycled Kids Bowls | These bowls are great for the kiddos! They’re made from recycled materials, they’re durable, and they’re dishwasher safe. We use them for every meal plus snacks.


Wooden Scooter for Storage | This little gem has been perfect for storing my food processor and also my new air fryer. They fit perfectly under the shelves in our pantry, and the scooter makes it easy to slide them on out and grab them.


Air Fryer | I finally broke down and got myself an air fryer! I’m already obsessed with it. I’m currently making turkey bacon in it for a little BLT Wrap. This one came highly recommended from a friend, and it does not disappoint! The basket is nice and big so we can fit a lot of goodies in at once. I love all of the preset cooking temps and times, too! Plus, the basket is dishwasher safe.


Kids’ Headphones | These headphones are great for kids! They’re durable and cheap, plus they come in a bunch of colors. They’re also volume controlled so kiddos can’t blast their ear drums out.


Exercise Yoga Mat | I’ve been stretching a lot lately, and I think the carpet in our closet has the smell to prove it. I stretch in there after I go on my “run” (loose term – more of a walk with some running thrown in there). I just wanted a cheap, durable mat to stretch on so I can save my carpet further sweat smell!


BCAA Amino Acids Capsules | My old lady body needs a little help with all the “running” I’ve been doing. These BCAA capsules help restore my muscles so that I’m not too sore after my workouts. I take two immediately after coming back from a run. You can read more about the benefits of these here.


Body Fat Measuring Tape | I’m getting a little overboard with this body fat stuff, so I decided to break down and get this little tape measure. I’ve never taken measurements before, but I feel like any motivation to get in better shape I can get can’t hurt!


Miracle Gro Garden Feeder | It doesn’t get more “This Pandemic Made Me Do It” than this little purchase. We’ve been growing a ton of veggies and flowers since we’ve had the time. I love how easy it is to hook up the hose and feed everything all at once! Much easier than filling up water cans over and over.


Heel Lift Insert | Oi. It’s getting worse, I know. Another sign I’m aging, and this pandemic is taking its toll on my cool factor. I’ve had serious sciatic and knee pain in my left leg lately. I started Googling around, and found out it’s because my right leg is shorter than my left (definitely saw this when I laid down and saw the major proof). I put this insert in my right shoe, and I honestly have ZERO pain now!


Melamine Plates | I’m obsessed with these plates from West Elm. They’re melamine (aka durable with crazy kids and clumsy parents), and they’re dishwasher safe! Plus, they’re kinda purty. We have the dinner and salad plates (I use the salad plates for the kiddos).


Plastic Tumbler Glasses | I figured our Jon-a-Ritas could use a little upgrade, so I found these cheap ($2) plastic tumblers at Target. They’re dishwasher safe and perfect for a delicious little Quarantine Cocktail.


Happy Saturday, y’all!

I hope you found something to love in this Amazon Finds: The May Edit!

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