Amazon Finds: The April Edit

Amazon Finds: The April Edit

Rule #88: A good wine stopper can change your world.

Here’s my roundup for my favorite Amazon finds of the month! I love shopping in my pj’s (and let’s be honest, that’s usually the only way I shop these days) and scoring good finds!

Color Block V-Neck T-Shirt | $17

My sweet friend had on a shirt like this when she came to visit last month, and I almost stole it straight outta her luggage before she left. I restrained myself and found it online, and I’m in love! Cute, lightweight, and it covers the tooshie.

color block t shirt amazon

Color Block Striped T-Shirt | $16

Another cute top that covers the tooshie. Comfy and comes in tons of colors! (I’m loving these sandals, too!)

Color Blocked Striped T Shirt Amazon

Pocket Empire Waist Dress

A dress with pockets is always a plus in my book. I love this simple dress for spring on the days when there’s still a chill in the air. It’s breathable, but not see-thru.

Pocket Empire Waist Dress Amazon

T Shirt Dress | Under $20

This little nugget comes in tons of colors/patterns and is perfect for spring/summer! It’s a lightweight t-shirt dress that’s not too short (no need to see my hiney, thanks) and is still comfy. I’m definitely ordering another one of these!

summer casual t shirt dress

Embroidered Cover Up | $21

I love having a few different cover ups for the summer, and this one is definitely in the rotation now. It’s lightweight but still conservative. The embroidery and button details are so cute, too!

embroidered cover up

Capabunga Wine Stoppers | 4 for $12

These may be my most favorite thing I’ve ever found in the history of online retail. A cashier at Total Wine & More (my fave wine place btw) suggested these Capabunga wine stoppers. They go on top of the bottle, kind of suctioning themselves on tightly. Then, you can put the bottle in the door of your fridge or on its side and IT WON’T SPILL! Normally to lay our bottles sideways, we have to use the aerator pump which is one more step I don’t have time for in my life. With these stoppers we can also put the bottle in the door of the fridge (couldn’t before bc the aerator toppers were too tall). Literally LIFE CHANGING!

capabunga wine stopper 1

Stasher Reusable Food Bags

These reusable bags are meant to replace Ziplocs (and therefore eliminate more plastic waste). They are dishwash, freezer, boiling, and microwave safe. They seal up just as well (if not better) than regular plastic bags, and I’m in love! We’ve already bought the Storage Bags which are about the equivalent to the gallon size Ziplocs and the Sandwich Bags. They come in lots of colors, too!

stasher bags

I’ve also tried the Bee’s Wrap reusable food wraps, but I’m not 100% sold on them. They’re sticky, difficult to work with, and they don’t last more than a year (the Stasher bags are meant for a lifetime). I’ll stick to regular plastic wrap + foil for now I guess!

Planter with Removable Liner

My mother-in-law received a similar planter like this filled with flowers as a gift, and I fell in LOVE! It’s a durable outdoor planter that’s perfect for showing off some cute little pops of color. The drain makes watering flowers (and not murdering them) even easier.

amazon removable planter with liner

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Amazon Finds: The April Edit post. If you did, check out these other similar posts.

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