Life Lately + Great Finds

Life Lately + Great Finds

Rule #113: Sometimes we all need a little break to drink wine out of a Pringles can and drive around the Walmart parking lot in a motorized cart.

It’s a Girl!

brooke marie

It’s a Girl! Rule #75: Two kids is more than one kid.¬† I know my rule seems pretty stupid, but it’s true. Having two kids is a lot more than having one! Especially when one kid is on the verge … Read More

Life Lately

34 weeks pregnant

Life Lately ¬†Rule #120: When your bags are packed and you’re ready to go… time passes slowly. It’s all about counting down to baby around here these days! I’m 35 weeks along now, and Mr. Corey was born at 37 … Read More

Life Lately

ikea kallax bookshelf

Life Lately    We’ve kept it pretty low key the past week plus since this poor guy has had a tummy virus. Obviously, it’s not getting in the way of his mood or his appetite, though! I sure do love dem … Read More

Baby + Toddler Shoes

baby toddler shoes

I looooooove to shop for baby boy stuff! I’m horrible with little girl things, I’ve got to be honest. I can barely dress myself most of the time. But, when it comes to Corey, I usually do a pretty good … Read More