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Pregnancy Books

There are a couple of great books we’ve read as a couple to get us prepared for Baby G. They’ve been very helpful and aren’t the boring kind of read you might expect from the baby genre. I’d definitely suggest them for those of you who are first time parents!
Pregnancy Books
This book saved my registry. Going into the store overwhelmed me beyond anything I can explain Have you ever been in a Buy Buy Baby and actually tried to think, “What will my baby ACTUALLY need?” and… “How can I get him what he needs without having to sell my body to pay for it?” It’s insane.
This book is fabulous for the first (or second or third) time mom and dad. It is published every year and is updated based on consumer reviews, manufacturer information, recalls, and their readers’ satisfaction. They break down everything from car seats to cribs to breast pumps based on price, quality, and durability. It’s pretty awesome.
My sister-in-law suggested we get the book, and I’m so glad she did! I actually registered for everything online using just this book (plus some advice from some fabulous mommies I know).
 baby wise
There were probably about 4 of my close friends (and even a few strangers) who suggested this book to me. They recommended it as a great way to get a baby on a (as much as you can) schedule for feeding and sleep times. The book is a great suggestion for moms who plan to breast feed/pump and for those who are going to use formula.
The main gist of the book is to use your common sense: don’t use a clock to schedule feeding the baby and don’t just feed the baby every time he cries. It seems simple, but hearing it in the authors’ words really made it helpful for this first time mama. I’m glad to have at least a jumping off point for when we bring our little bundle home in December.
I feel at least 4% prepared versus 0%.
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