Knife Sharpening

It might seem a little OCD, but I just wasn’t happy with how sharp our knives were. My husband tried everything. We used the sharpener that came with our knife set, and the hubs even tried his own “home” method (insert scared face emoji here).
Then, I heard of a company that does the sharpening for you! I debated it for a while because really, how first-world-problem is that? I couldn’t settle myself down enough to really spend the money to get my knives professionally sharpened.
Oh, how I regret the wait!
We went ahead and bit the bullet. The company offers three different ways to get your knives sharpened: they come to you, you go to them, or you mail them in. We went with the latter (insert lazy face emoji here). It ended up costing about $30 total per knife. Their cost was cheap – only about $9 for the actual sharpening per knife. It was the shipping that added to the cost.
I would do it all over again! The owner even emailed me to tell me to NEVER use one of the pull through sharpeners again. He said they’re basically rubbish. As long as you hone  your knife after each use, you only need to sharpen it once every two years or so depending on how much you cook.
Here’s a link to the company’s website:
(Insert relieved face emoji here). Our knives have never been sharper, and this cooking mama has never been happier!
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