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Hereafter Series

If you’re looking for an easy read and something along the lines of the Twilight series, then this is the series for you.
Hereafter Series
The Hereafter series is a great choice for young adults and it’s safe if you’re a concerned parent. There isn’t anything more than intense kissing and lovey-doveyness in the story. I was grateful to finally read a young adult novel where I didn’t feel embarrassed to be holding the book if a part like that came up while reading in public.
The story is about a young girl who’s living in the afterlife between life and death. She meets, saves, and falls in love with a cute boy. It’s because of this that she awakens and starts to realize she’s a special kind of ghost. The things she goes through are very intriguing and heart-warming to say the least. She eventually must choose whether she’ll join the light or the dark in the after life.
Hudson does a good job of creating a group of characters that teens will relate to and enjoy reading about. The plot line and parts of the story aren’t necessarily believable, but this is sci fi/fantasy afterall. The ending was exactly what I’d hoped it would be, and I wasn’t left disappointed.
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